John Ogborne, Engraver 1755-1837

Eleanor ('Nell') Gwyn by John Ogborne, published by  Anthony Molteno, after  Sir Peter Lely

Eleanor (‘Nell’) Gwyn by John Ogborne, published by Anthony Molteno, after Sir Peter Lely, Reproduced by the kind permission of the National Portrait Gallery ©
Stipple engraving, published 2 January 1802 NPG D30624

John Ogborne made some of the finest stipple engravings of the late eighteenth century. Working mainly after the designs of Westall, Kauffmann, Smirke and Stothard, Ogborne also worked for John Boydell on his Shakespeare and Milton engravings. During the early nineteenth century, he turned successfully to topographical views in aquatint engraving. In some of his engraved work, his wife, Mary Ogborne, assisted him.

He was born on 22 July 1755, and baptized at Chelmsford, Essex, on 6 August 1755. He lived at 58 Great Portland Street, London (in November 1793-1797) 58 Tottenham Court Road (in 1784)

He was the Son of David Ogborne (q.v.); stipple engraver and publisher (of his own work).

20 Portraits by John Ogborne are in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Many examples of his work can also be found in the British Museum

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