Will of Joel Ogborn of Winscombe 1821

Will of Joel Ogborn of Winscombe 1821

Died: 16th May 1821
Buried: 21st May 1821. Age 73
Will proved: 15th October 1821
Source: Original on microfilm/photocopy
Executor: John (nephew)


Estate to nephew Jesse; to be kept in good order. £5/annum paid half-yearly to four sisters Mary Radford, Rebecca Scott, Elizabeth House & Ann Oram. To brother Jacob £5/annum paid half-yearly. £5 to nieces Mary Meredith and Hester Higgins; £5 to Mary Callen; £10 to nephews Joel and Joseph; £5 each to brother Stephen’s four children Stephen, John, Hannah and Samuel. £5 each to nephew George’s two children Stephen and Eliza.
Clock, corner cupboard, pewter, mahogany table, 6 chairs, silver pint tankard, table and tea spoons to remain in house.
£5/annum to nephew John; residue to nephew Jesse.

£459 of debts to John Hawkins (£230) and John White (£229). £5 to William, James & Benjamin Mapstone, Charlotte Holbrook, Mary Bathe, Samuel Brooks, Joel Brooks & sister’s daughter Ann Oram now married to Green of Breach Hill.

2.5 acres in Congresbury to nephews Joel and Joseph. Moss Croft at Barton to Jesse, the yield of which to go to Ann Hawkins. £110 debt from Whalley to nephew John Fry and his sister Hannah Derrick.

Source: Somerset Record Office Extracted by John Ogborne of Wells

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