Ogborne Convicts Transported to Australia

Ogborne Convicts Transported to Australia.

Three people are recorded as having been convicted to transportation to Australia – see details below:

1)  In March 1826 Elizabeth Ogbourne was sentenced to death at The Wiltshire assizes at Salisbury, for the theft of a 5 shilling note. (25 pence in present UK currency, or approx 40c in US currency.) 16 others were also sentenced to death at the same Assizes, and all had their sentences reprieved and were given the lesser sentences of transportation to Australia for life.

Sadly Elizabeth died at sea on 26th September 1826
( more details of the Grenada and the passenger list)
Convicted: 4 Mar 1826
Voyage date: 1 Sep 1826
Ship:Grenada  Origin:Wiltshire

Quote from Folio 2: Elizabeth Ogborn, aged 20, Convict; sick or hurt, Fever; put on sick list, 12 September 1826; died 16 September 1826.
The National Archives report ADM 101/30/6 – Medical journal of the Grenada, female convict ship, for 4 August 1826 to 1 February 1827 by Alexander Nesbet, Surgeon and Superintendent, paints a sorry picture of the sickness among the passengers on board.

Colony: New South Wales

Two other Ogborn*s are listed as having been transported to Australia:

2) James Ogborn  transported for life  (one of 14 sentenced at the same assizes on the same date.)(Merits further investigation !)
Convicted:29 Jul 1820 Sussex Assizes
Voyage date:Oct 1820
Ship: Prince of Orange arrived NSW 12/2/1821
Colony: New South Wales

Could this be the same man ?

Hobart Town Courier and Van Diemens Land Gazette  24th September 1841

DIED- At Ellerslie, on the 10th instant, Mr. James William
Ogbourne, aged 48 years.

3) Henry Ogborne transported for 10 years
Convicted:30 Mar 1850 Gloucestershire Assizes for Robbery
Voyage date:30 Dec 1853
Ship: Sea Park
Colony: Western Australia. Arrived Fremantle on April 5, 1854 with 180 passengers and 304 convicts

for more details of the Voyage and the occupants of the ship the Sea Park

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