John Ogborne of New Jersey 17th Century

The following notes were composed around the turn of the century about John Ogborne who with Samuel Ogborne was a settler in Burlington County, N.J. in the 17th century.

In New Jersey the name was favorably known through the State for many years, especially in the vicinity of Middletown, but now, save in its application to the site of an old homestead, “Annie Ogborne’s Corners,” on the road between Middletown and Holmdel, it is 1900, even this name is lost, for to this locality the name on the sign-board and in Ellis’ History has been corrupted to Ogden.

The Ogbornes were socially a prominent family, but, with few exceptions, held no political positions. Through the female side of the house have descended the late Amos R. Manning, Esq., of the Supreme Court of Alabama; the Hon. Edward Scudder, of the Supreme Court of New Jersey; Prof. John Stiliwell Schenck, of Princeton College; the Drs. Stillwell, of New York City; Ex-Governor Bedle, of New Jersey; the Taylors, of Middletown, N.J., and others.


1684, 6, 11mo. John Ogbourne bought of Joseph Blowers, for £110, a house recently
erected, in Burlington, and one hundred and fifty acres.

1685. John Ogborne recorded his cattle-mark, at Burlington.

1686, 3, 6mo. He, then residing at Burlington, sold the above property to Walter Humphary, of Burlington, Carpenter, for £110.

1691 2, 4mo. John Ogbourne, yeoman, of Burlington County, bought one hundred and
fifty acres, in the First Division of lands, from Charles Reade, of the town of Burlington.

1694. John Ogborne located three hundred acres of land at Oneanickon, in Springfield,
which he sold, in 1697, to Eleazor Fenton.

1699, Apr. 20. John Ogborne, of Burlington County, carpenter, bought, for £3′, from Thomas Kendall, bricklayer, of Burlington County, a lot, in Burlington, on the High Street

1699, Apr.29 Thomas Kendall, of Burlington, for £31, sold to John Ogborne, of Burlington, a lot on High Street.

1701. He was Town Clerk, of’ Burlington.

1707, Apr. 4. Thomas Kendall, of Burlington, sold, for £100, to John Ogborne, of Springfield, carpenter, property on High Street, in Burlington, near the Market House.

1711, May 3. Richard Ridgway, of Springfield, for £100, sold to John Ogborne, of Springfield, yeoman, one hundred and fifty acres, in the township called Mattacopeny,

1716, Nov.19. Will of John Ogborne, of Springfield; proved Mch. 28, 1720, mentioned Wife, but no name is given, “now in England.”

Daughter, Sarah, 4′ now in England.”

Daughter in-law, Anna, wife of John Hocton [Stockton?]

Grandson, John Ogborn

Grand-daughter, Hannah

Francis Roe, widdow, a bequest

Grand-daughters, Sarah and Anna, daughters of his deceased son, John Ogborne. Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah, daughters of his deceased son, William Ogborne.

1719-20, Mch. 15. The inventory of the personal estate of John Ogborne, taken this date, amounted to £I78-6-7 1/2


  • 2 John Ogborne

  • 3 William Ogborne

  • 4 Sarah Ogborne

2. JOHN OGBORNE son of John Ogborne, 1, died, at Burlington, intestate, leaving a widow, Ann, who applied for administration on his estate, which was granted Feb.14 (22],1713-14. He was an Innholder, and the inventory of his personal estate amounted to £310-17-4.

1704, Jan. 8. James Wild, of Burlington, sold, for £55, a lot on High Street, to John Ogborne, Jr., of Burlington County.

1694, Jan.22. John Ogborne, Jr., of Mansfield, near Burlington, bought for £20,of George Hutchinson, of Burlington County, three hundred acres of land.

1709, June 8. A petition from Ann Kendall and John Ogburn, Jr.; of this date, praying
leave to sell land was considered at various times by the New Jersey Assembly, and, Dec.29,1709, after “reading and examining of severall deeds, accounts and other writings, the sd Committee resolved that they did not think fitt to take any farther cognizance of the sd petition.”

John Ogbourn died, Jan. 3n, 1713-14, aged 41 years.

St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, N.J.

His widow married John Hocton or Stockton,

Issue, as per his father’s will:

  • 5 Sarah Ogborne
  • 6 Anna Ogborne

3 WILLIAM OGBORNE, son of John Ogborne, I, married, in 1698, Mary Cole, by
license dated Nov.17 1698.

“William Ogborne married Mary Cole, at house of Daniel Leeds, at Springfield, Nov.17,1698, by Justice Daniel Leeds,” and in presence of many witnesses, whose names are not given. Apparently this marriage was in open court.

1695. William Ogborne, of Burlington County, bought one hundred acres, for £12, from John Snape.

1696. William Ogbourne was a witness

1700, 3 of 5 mo. William Ogborne was a witness to the marriage of Samuel Lippincott, of Burlington, to Ann Hulett, of Shrewsbury, at the Shrewsbury Meeting House.

1708-9, Jan.18. Will of William Ogborne; proved Apr. 8, 1714, mentioned:

Wife, Mary

Father, John

Son, John Ogborne, a minor.

Daughters, Elizabeth



Executors: his father, John Ogborne, his wife, and Samuel Lippincott,

William Ogbourn died, Feb.17, 1713, aged 43 years. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, N. J.

The inventory of his personal estate amounted to £296-7-6.


  • 7 Elizabeth Ogborne, of Burlington; married, John, son of Joseph Pancoast, 6 mo., 1724
  • 8 Mary Ogborne; married, Joseph, son of William Pancoast, of Mansfield, 8 mo.,14, 1731. Burlington Quaker Records.
  • 9 Hannah Ogborne
  • 10 John Ogborne

6 ANNA OGBORNE, daughter of John Ogborne, 2.

Ann, daughter of John Ogborne, Jr., had a license issued June 25, 1728, to marry Jobe

Jobe Lippincott died, May 31, 1759, aged 51 years. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, N.J.

Ann, his wife, died, Apr. 15, 1791, aged 85 years. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, N.J.


  • 11 Joseph Lippincott; died, in 1752, aged 8 years. St. Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, N.J.

1 JOHN OGBORNE, son of William Ogborne, 3.

John Ogborn, of Burlington County, married Sarah, daughter of Caleb Shreve, at Chesterfield Meeting, 1, 19, 1723-4. Chesterfied Meeting Records.

“John Ogborn, 12, 3, 172-, had a certificate to marry in Chesterfield Meeting. ”
Burlington Meeting Records.

1718, 27, 6 mo. John Shirn sold to John Ogborne, Jr., both of Springfield, for £28, three
hundred acres of land in Springfield.

1745, Jan. 8. John Ogborne, carpenter, of Burlington County, sold to James Wilde, for
£155, land, on the Highway, in Burlington City.

Issue, attributed:

As the descendants of John Ogborne, bearing his name, became extinct, except in the person of John Ogborne, 10, I am disposed to credit him, John Ogborne, 10, with the following children:

  • 12 Caleb Ogborne.

  • 13 John Ogborne; married Hannah Warner.

  • 14 Sarah Ogborne; married, by license dated Oct.18, 1769, John Warner, of Middlesex Co.

  • 15 Joseph Ogborne. It was probably he who was a witness to the will of John Quicksall, Jr., of Nottingham, Sept. 6, 1783, and probably it was also he who was taxed, in Upper Freehold, in I790-9I, for a house and lot, one and a half acres of land and one cow

13 JOHN OGBORNE, son of John Ogborne, 10, is probably he who was buried in old
Crosswicks Methodist Churchyard.

John Ogborne died, Oct. 15, 1814, in his ’69’th year. Hannah Ogborne, his widow, died,
Feb.13, 1832, in her 84th year.

John Ogborne, of Burlington, was licensed to marry Hannah Warner, Mch. 23, 1769.


  • 16 Letitia Ogborne; buried adjacent to and in line with her parents: Letitia, widow of Aaron Stewards, died, Sept.13, 1850, in her 81st year. She was the second wife of Aaron son of John and Martha (Robins) Steward

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