Will of Sir William Ogborne, London 1734

Will of Sir William Ogborne, dated Oct. 5, and proved Oct.23, 1734, in which he mentions himself as ” Knight, Citizen and Carpenter” of Rosemary Lane, Parish of St. Mary, White Chapel, County of Middlesex, he makes the following bequests:

The freehold property, in Cheapside and Lawrence Lane, in occupancy, and an empty house adjoining, he gives to his wife Dame Joyce, and also the residence, in Rosemary Lane, during her lifetime, she paying £20, in half-yearly payments, to his Grandson, Ogborne Churchill.

Upon his wife’s demise, these properties are given to his Grandson, Ogborne Churchill and Grand-daughter, Sarah Churchill, equally. In case both die before twenty-one years of age and leave no heirs, then these properties are to be equally divided between St. Thomas’ Hospital, Southwark, County of Surrey, and The Carpenters’ Guild, of London, for the benefit of their poor.

The testator also gave to his wife his coach, his chariot horses, plate, hay, corn, etc. He owned many houses leased to many individuals.


  • To his sister, Mary Bedson, of Tower St., London, widow, he gave the other three messuages in Rosemary Lane, in occupancy. These properties at her decease to his Grandson, Ogborne Churchill and Grand-daughter, Sarah Churchill, who were his chief legatees, and in case of no issue to either of the grandchildren, the properties to St. Thomas’ Hospital and The Carpenters’ Guild, as mentioned above.
  • To his wife Joyce one-third of his personal estate, as widow’s thirds, and one-third “to my daughter, Mary Churchill,” and the remaining one-third to his widow Joyce.
  • To his Grandson, Richard Churchill; £200, as he, being the eldest son of his father and mother, was amply provided for as heir of his parents in their marriage settlement.
  • To Walter Coleman, his son-in-law, Woolen Draper, of Black Fryerres, London, £20.
  • To the Poor of Trinity House, £100
  • To the Poor Quakers, of Ratcllffe Meeting, £20, to be distributed by his son-in-law, Walter Coleman, and his wife, Dame Joyce.
  • To the Poor of the Carpenters’ Guild.
  • To Thomas Ogborne, of Hillingdon, County of Middlesex, Labourer,£10.
  • His widow, Dame Joyce, to pay £1,000, due on purchase of property in Cheapside.

Executors: Walter Coleman and his wife, Dame Joyce.

Witnesses: Jno Martin, Samll Troughton and Hudson Tastolf [or Tastotf].

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