Will of Benjamin Ogburn 1825 Virginia

Will of Benjamin Ogburn

of the County of Brunswick, Virginia 1825

Will Book, Book Pages 113 & 114

In the Name of God Amen. I Benjamin Ogburn of the County of Brunswick being very sick and knowing the uncertainies of human life (but thanks be to God I think I am in my proper mind and memory) do make and ordain this my last will & Testament in the following manner towit.

In the first place I leave to my dear wife Salley Ogburn Seventy Acres of land to be lain off so as to include thee dwelling house we now live in and the out houses, with a reasonable portion of wood land during her-natural life, also I leave her my Negro man Reuben, my Negro woman Amy and my Negro girl Minerva, my bay filly called Mary, my horse called Janus, two cows & calves, ten killing hogs for Pork, one feather bed & furniture, one yoke of young Stears, now ready for use during her natural life only.

Item my sons Sterling and Hartwell Ogburns have each received a horse bridle and Saddle, and a feather bed & furniture, my daughter Tabitha Justice has also received a horse bridle & Saddle & bridle feather bed and furniture, my daughters Betsy Vaughan & Polley Barrow have each received the same amount except a Saddle & bridle and each of them must receive instead thereof the sum of fifteen dollars, my daughters Salley Jones & Martha williams have each received a feather bed and furniture and they must be each furnished with a horse Saddle & bridle, or their value in money. My two daughters Lucy Ann and Mary Jane Ogburns must each be furnished with a feather bed and furniture of equal value with those give to my other daughters, and each of them be paid the sum of One hundred dollars instead of a horse Saddle & bridle. And whereas I have paid for my son Sterling Ogburn One hundred and eighty dollars and am security for One hundred dollars or upwards more to be paid for dealings at Edmund’s store for him, these two sums must first be accounted before he comes in for any more of my estate.

Item it is my will and desire that all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal and of every other kind or description not herein before disposed of shall be equally divided among all my children or their heirs- and that part of my estate lent to my wife after her death I wish also to be equally divided among all children or their heirs.

Item. The legacy due me from my brother John Ogburns estate in the county of Mecklenburg, I wish my debts to be paid out of, the balance of that legacy I wish divided among all my children or their heirs.

Lastly I nominate and appoint my friend William Samford my sole Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore by me made. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 2nd day of July 1325.

Signed, Sealed published Benjamin Ogburn (Seal)
and Acknowledged in presence

of Thos. Adams
John G. Jones
John S. Strange

Brunswick County Court August term 1825.

This last will and testament of Benjamin Ogburn dec’d was proved by the Oaths of Thomas Adams, John G. Jones & John S. Strange the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and William Samford the Executor therein named having refused to take upon himself the burthen of the Execution thereof. On the Motion of Sarah Ogborn who together with Thomas Adams, John D. Wilkins, Hartwell Ogborn and Lewis Barrow her Securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Twelve Thousand Dollars with condition as the Law directs. Certificate is granted her for for obtaining letters of administration with the will annexed an the said decedants Estate in due form.

Teste R. Turnbull C.B.C.

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