Peter de Okebourn, key servant of King Edward III in Ireland

The many references set out below show the record of service by Peter Okebourn in Ireland to King 9 in the 14th Century 

May 1334 Peter de Okebourn, going to Ireland with John de Ellerker the younger, clerk, treasurer of Ireland. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1334-1338 p 104
1338 Peter de Okebourn, one of two attorneys in Ireland of John de Ellerker, clerk, staying in England. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 47
2 Sept 1338 Peter de Okebourn confirmed steward of the liberty of Wexford (Ireland) in the King’s hands by reason of the minority of Lawrence de Hastynges, – during pleasure. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 127
7 Mar 1339 Order to the Bishop of Hereford, keeper of Ireland, to commit to Peter de Okebourn the office of changer for making the King’s money in that land, if he is fit for it; to hold that office at will. Calendar of Close Rolls 1339-1341 p 32
25 March 1339 The King is sending to Ireland by Peter de Okeburn 8 pairs of stamps for sterlings, 8 pairs for halfpennies, & 8 pairs for farthings, in a bag under the chancellors’ seal. Calendar of Close Rolls 1339-1341 p 59
15 Sept 1339 Peter de Okebourn, one of the two attorneys of Roger de Glaunvill, staying in England for a year.(the document says England, but must surely be a misprint for Ireland. )Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 314
16 Oct 1347 Peter de Okebourn appointed constable of Limerick Castle for life Calendar of Patent Rolls 1345 – 1348 p 416
12 July 1348 Peter de Okebourn, one of the Attorneys in Ireland, of John Darcy, staying in England for two years.(In 1349 the like, on behalf of Wm. Darcy, ibid. p261 In 1350 the like, on behalf of Sir John Moryz ibid. p 503. He acts for others in 1352 & 1353, 1355, 1356, 1357, 1358,1360, 1362, 1363 & 1364)
1359 Peter de Okebourn was appointed to purvey Hake and other kinds of fish, wherever they could be found in this county (Dublin, Ireland), for the use of the Lord Deputy’s Household, paying the reasonable rate thereof.  From a History of the County of Dublin
13 Feb 1364 Appointment of Peter Okebourn to be second chamberlain of the Exchequer of Ireland, during good behaviour. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1361-1364 p 468

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