John Ogborne, Ploughing Champion 1847-1937

John Ogborne Ploughing Champion of Somerset
John Ogborne Ploughing Champion of Somerset

John Ogborne of Winford, Somerset became a very distinguished practitioner of the art of ploughing, using horsedrawn ploughs for which he won many championships. He sired no less than six sons, who became champion ploughmen, and their sons in turn sired sons who carried on the tradition. John C Ogbourne, the eldest son won 32 first prizes for ploughing before he was 21 years of age.

King George V wrote a letter of congratulation to Mr John & Mrs Susan Ogborne in 1932 on the occasion of their 64th wedding anniversary, which included the good wishes of Queen Mary, and congratulated John on the ‘remarkable ploughing record of your family’.

More details on Mr Ogborne’s achievements

2 thoughts on “John Ogborne, Ploughing Champion 1847-1937”

  1. To the Ogbourne Family.
    I have been told that you hold records concerning ploughing competitions that go back over a hundred years.
    Recently whilst out metal detecting I found a horse brass engraved with some interesting details. There is a portion that I can’t fully decrypt but the main body of the text is:
    Winford Ploughing Society. MARCH?? 1876 John Carter. Bedminster.
    I would love to know more about this “medal” and research J Carter and get it back to his family.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Keith – i’ll forward your message to a member of the ploughing family. I should think they would be very interested

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