Will of Richard Ogborn, Gent of Bath, Somerset 1833

Will of Richard Ogborn, Gent of Bath, Somerset 1833
Of Kensington Place, Bath
To every child of my late cousin George Jefferys of Kingston on Thames, £200 apiece [only relative mentioned, but see will of Richard Ogborne 1772 mentioning Jefferies]
To Mr John Griffith of Coalport, Somerset, Surgeon
Mr John Salter of Coalport, Somerset, Nurseryman
£6660.13.4 of 3% Bank Annuities in my name
Interest to my trusty servant Anne Price now living with me
To the following societies £1000 each:
• The Royal S Society
• The Lying in Charity for delivering poor married women
• Philanthropist Society of St Georges Fields, London
• London Dispensary of Artillery St, Bishopsgate, London
• Refuge for the Destitute
Remainder of the 3% Bank Annuities in my name to:
London Hospital i.e £660.13.4
£13,000 3% Bank Annuities to be divided between:
• Assylum for the support & education of the deaf and dumb children of the poor in London £3000
• School for the indigent Blind in St Georges Fields, London £3000
• British & Foreign Bible Society £1000
• London Missionary Society £1000
• Society for supporting & perpetuating the Countess of Huntingdon’s College £1000
• London Female Penitentiary Pentonville £1000
• Worshipful Company of Drapers (of which R.O. is a member) £1000 to be applied to support of prisoners confined in gaol in Newgate
• To the clerk of the Worshipful Company of Drapers 19 guineas
• United Hosital, Bath £100
• Female Penitentiary, Bath £50
• Society for the Relief of Occasional Distress £50
To Children of late George Bowes £50 each

• Elizabeth Bowes
• Harriet Bowes
• William Bowes
• Archibald Bowes
To friends £100 apiece
• John Holmes
• John Pugh of Garcechurch St, London
• James Saler of Bath
my coachman John Turk £50
Caroline Wilson my housemaid £50
To John Griffiths Mansford of Talbot Parade, Surgeon all my freehold and leasehold properties in The Grove, Camberwell, and in Market Southwark, Surrey or elsewhere., inc my leasehold house at Kensington Place
Sole executor : John Griffiths Mansford
Dated 31 Oct 1833
Proved 14 Aug 1835 in London

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