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The document attached contains extensive information plus indexes of Ogburns in the USA from the 17th century to the 20th Century prepared by the late Mr Fielding Ogburn and Mrs Patricia Ogburn in 1980 to whom great thanks are due.

The information has not been updated since that time, but is considered worthy of making available on this website as it may give leads to family history researchers who wish to find family links in the USA.

The pages include

Preface 1
I Origin of the Name, Ogburn 2
II The Earliest Ogburns (Ogbornes) in America. 3

III A Lineage Beginning with Symon Ogborne 1652 5
IV A Lineage Beginning with John Ogbourne of Burlington County, N J 1684 11
V A Lineage Beginning With John Ogborne (died 1774) of Brunswick Co., Va. in 5 sections
VI Henry Ogburn and His Descendants 109
VII Little Berry Ogburn and His Descendants 112
VIII John and James Ogburn and Their Descendants 136
IX John William Ogburn and His Descendants 168
X George Thomas Ogburn and His Descendants 170
XI Thomas J. and Mary J. Ogburn and Their
Descendants 171
XII Miscellaneous References to Ogburn in Publications and Public Records 173
XIII A List of Ogburns Enumerated in Census Records. NOT INCLUDED* 198
Index 268 – 314

* due to problems in scanning the census information is not included at this stage
Click on the image below to view or download the pdf file (1.5MB):
Ogburn Genealogical Information USA

2 thoughts on “USA Genealogy Information”

  1. Researching James Ogburn and Edith Youngblood in GA. Trying to connect a Eady Osburn (Raines) to these parents in Wilkinson Co.

  2. Have a copy of Daly/Ogburn book and always refer to it first when wanting to verify information. I requested the copy some years ago and Patricia sent it along to me with a note of appreciation for my interest in the Ogburn family.

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