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Will of Symon Ogbourne 1668

Symon emigrated to Virginia in 1652 and died in Isle of Wight County. Amongst the provisions in his will Symon requires that his rapier be given to his son Nicholas immediately upon his death.

Will of Samuel Ogborne 1694

Samuel was a very early settler in Burlington, New Jersey, who was survived by his wife Jane (born Curtis) and children.
Will of William Ogborne 1713
William died in Burlington, New Jersey and was buried in St Mary’s Churchyard there. He was the son of John Ogborne, a very early settler in New Jersey
Will of John Ogborne 1774 Virginia

John, of Brunswick County, Virginia was a farmer/plantation owner and his will includes provision for ‘the negro wench Judy’

Will of John Ogburn 1789 Albemarle, Sussex county, Virginia
John of Albemarle, Sussex county, Virginia was a land owner and slave owner
Will of James Ogborne 1804

James Ogborne of Brunswick County, Virginia disposes in his will of land and slaves, and feather beds to all beneficiaries.
Will of John Ogborne 1820 Virginia

John, of Mecklenburg, Virginia disposes in his will of land and slaves.
Will of Henry Ogburn 1831

Henry Ogburn of the County of Gallatin, Kentucky was a farmer and methodist minister. The will was proved in 1831
Will of William Ogburn 1824 , North Carolina

‘Dr Billy’ Ogburn, of the County of Guilford, North Carolina was a country doctor, and slave owning farmer
Will of Benjamin Ogburn 1825 Virginia
Benjamin Ogburn of Brunswick County, Virginia was a farmer, and in his will distributes amongst other things numerous feather beds, and a number of slaves.

Will of Charles Ogburn 1836 Virginia

Charles Ogburn was a farmer,methodist minister, country gentleman of Mecklenburg County, Virginia and a descendant of Symon Ogborne. The inventory of the estate includes a detailed list of 19 slaves

Will of Matthew Ogburn 1839 Tennessee

Matthew Ogburn of Montgomery County, Tennnessee disposes in his will of land and slaves amongst his numerous children
Will of John Ogburn 1841 North Carolina

John Ogburn of Johnson County, North Carolina farmer and slave owner disposes in his will of all his possessions.
Will of Littlebury B Ogburn 1858  Georgia

Littlebury was a resident of Macon County, Georgia

Will of Charles Harrison Ogburn 1874

Charles Harrison Ogburn, son of Charles Ogburn was a country gentleman, farmer and slave owner of Mecklenburg, Virginia

Will of Hannah Ogbourne 1903. hannah
Hannah (born Leighfield of Wootton Bassett, Wilts) was the first wife of my grandfather Stephen and at the time of her early death lived in Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Banjamin Watkins OgburnWill of Benjamin Watkins Ogburn 1905

Benjamin W. Ogburn was a scholar, farmer, businessman, community leader, pillar of his church, and by the way his will is structured, also a mathematician.
Will of Frederick Ogbourne 1909 Wiltshire

Frederick was my great grandfather who was born in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, England



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