Will of William Ogborne 1713 New Jersey

Will of William Ogborne

died February 13 1713 aged 43 years

Buried St Mary’s Churchyard, Burlington, NJ

In the Name of god Amen. I William Ogborne being subject to bodyly weaknes but of sound memory Doe make & ordaine this to be my Last will & testiment following:

First I committ my soul to almighty god my maker & my body to the earth in hopes of a happy Resurrection thorough the merits of my saviour Jesus Christ.

Next I give my land & plantation to my son John Ogborne to enjoy it when he comes at age according to the Law to him & to his heirs & assigns for ever.

Also my wife Mary to have the use of my said plantation or the benifit thereof till my said son comes at age or till she marryes which first happens as Also all my personal estate beside what I here following Doe give a way; shee paying or consenting to be paid all my Just Debts & funerall charges But if in case she marryes then to Devide two thirds amongst my children Elizabeth Haneh & Mary.

Only I give to my said wife my best horse & the sidesadle at my Decease & also a Red mantle that was hers

Lastly I Doe herby request nominate & appoint my father John Ogborne & my said wife Mary & Samuell Lipingcot to be my excecutors of this my Last will & Testiment revoaking all other wills heretofore made Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand Seal this 18th of January 1708/1709


William Ogborne
signed sealed published &
Declared to be the Last will
of William Ogborne before us
John Talbot
John Roberdes
Daniel Leeds

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