Police Chief Charles Ogborn, on St Helena island, South Atlantic

The police station in the island of St Helena is named ‘Ogborn House’. Ogborn House, in Jamestown St Helena Island South Atlantic Ocean St-Helena-Police-and-Prison-Service We believe that the naming of the house relates to a police officer Charles Ogborn from Bristol, UK who was seconded to St Helena in the early 1950s. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter Alison. Someone who knew him said ‘He was a good strict but fair Chief of Police & well liked by all the islanders.

We also hear that on their departure from St Helena a song about them which went something like this: ‘Charlie’s gone afar safely over the friendly main, we will nee’r see him again nor will we see the sweet Alison …’ More information available at St Helena News

Charles, his wife Doreen and daughter Alison returned to the UK in September 1955.

Mr Ogborne may also have acted as a police chief in Berlin immediately after WW2.

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