Will of Jane Ogbourn, widow of Stoke Nr Guildford 1853

Will of Jane Ogbourn, widow of Stoke Nr Guildford 1853

Leaves long list of bequests of £10 to each of the following:
• Nephew Robert Jefferies, son of my late brother Thomas Jefferies
• Nephews and Neices Joseph Downing, Thomas Downing, Richard Downing, George Downing, Mary Ann wife of William Gastrell?, Jane Downing, Imilia Downing, children of my late sister Mary Ann Downing, and to Mary Ann Downing, widow of William Henry Downing.
• W.. Ann Jefferies, Charlotte Jefferies daughter of my late brother John Jefferies
• Nieces Elizabeth, wife of Rev Mr Roach, Mary Jefferies, daughter of my brother James Jefferies
• Half sister Ann Dewitt ?
• Ann Jefferies, widow of late brother Thomas,
• Servant Ann Chalcraft
All residue to brothers John, William & James Jefferies
Executors William Jefferies, William Webb Hayward of Rochester, Thomas A Curtis (solicitor)
To be buried at Stoke Churchyard in same grave as my husband.
Will dated 3 Dec 1853 proved 15 Jun 1857

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