Will of Benjamin Watkins Ogburn, Virginia 1912

Will of Benjamin Watkins Ogburn

Will Book 28, Pages 217 & 218

I, B. W. Ogburn, Sr., do, with my own hand, write this my will.

In the name of God, Amen.

Item 1st. I give to my wife N. R. Ogburn, should she survive me, all my household furniture, and so much of my other property that the law allows, that she choose to take during her life.

Item 2nd. My first wife’s children having deeded to me their interest in their mothers land, I feeling it my duty, do give them following tracts of land, (plots of each of which, surveyed by W. H. Blanch, are herewith given) with conditions as stated.

1st To Illa 0. Wilkinson 2 tracts containing, one 76.49, other 23.51 both on Meherrin River, with the condition that L. O. Simmons shall pay her One hundred and eight & 46/100 dollars and that R. H. Ogburn shall pay her Six dollars.

2nd To R. H. Ogburn 95 1/4 acres east of Saffolds road on con- dition that he pay to Illa 0. Wilkinson Six dollars, to B. W. Ogburn Jr. One hundred and Ninety seven dollars, to Elva 0. Jackson fifty eight dollars and to Nary 0. Bugg fifty eight dollars.

3rd To B. W. Ogburn Jr. 79.14 acres west of Mill road between lands given Illa O. Wilkinson & Lucy 0. Simmons on condition that R. H. Ogburn pay him One hundred and thirty seven dollars. 4th To L. 0. Simmons 80 acres west of Mill and Saffolds road and between land given to B. W. Ogburn Jr. and E. 0. Jackson on con- dition that she pay to Illa 0. Wilkinson One hundred and eight & 46/100 dollars.

5th To Elva O.Jackson 79,14 acres west of Saffolds road between Lucy 0. Simmons’& Mary 0. Bugg’s on condition that R. H. Ogburn pay to her fifty eight dollars.

6th To Mary 0. Bugg 79.14 acres west of Saffolds Road. Between L.0.Jackson & lands sold Joe Andrews’ children, on condition that R.H. Ogburn pay her fifty eight dollars.

One condition I add is that if R. H. Ogburn shall choose to do so, he may cut from his 95 1/4 acres 25 9/10 acres which shall be sold for benefit of Illa 0. Wilkinson, B. W. Ogburn Jr., E. 0. Jackson & M.O. Bugg and the proceeds of such sale shall be paid to them in proporation to the sums said B. H. Ogburn was to pay them respectively.

Item 3rd. To W. A. Ogburn, Mattie D. Hart & to N. W. Ogburn, my present wife’s children, I give in equal shares proceeds of half interest in O. & Wilkinsons Mill & land attached thereto, proceeds of my store & lands attached thereto, and proceeds of all my bonds and accounts and my half of proceeds of bonds and accounts, both of Ogburn & Bro. and B. W. Ogburn & Co., save 3 except the bonds I hold against my sons W. A. Ogburn & M. W. Ogburn even the interest of which I do not wish collected except by their mother after I am dead should she survive me. I am not taking M, D. Hart’s bonds for what I give her because I and my wife live with her, therefore I do not give her any part of said W. A. Ogburn’s & M.W. Ogburn’s bonds.

Item 4th. I hereby appoint and constitute my son in law Dr. A. T. Hart and my son M.W. Ogburn as executors of this my Will with request of the Court that no security be required of them as executors.

In testimony of which I do sign my name this May 17th 1905.

B.W. Ogburn Sr.

On Mecklenburg Circuit Court February 19th 1912.

A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of B. W. Ogburn Sr. deceased, was this day produced in Court, and there being no subscribing witnesses thereto, C. G. Johnson & L. R. Wells were sworn and severally disposed that they are well ac- quainted with the testator’s handwriting and verily believe the whole of the said paper writing and the name subscribed thereto to be wholly written by the testator’s own hand. Whereupon the said writing is ordered to be recorded as the true last will and testament of the said B. W. Ogburn Sr. deceased.

Teste: H. F. Hutcheson Clk

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