John Ogbourne – in the 2nd Opium War and the capture of Peking

The Second Opium War against the Qing dynasty of China, lasted from 1856 to 1860 which included the capture of Peking  in 1860.  Records show that Private John Ogbourne, regimental No 227 took part in the capture of Peking  in 1860 and was awarded the Second China War Medal. In one record he is described as a ‘hero’. John’s military service lasted from 1856 when he enlisted at the stated age of 18 (though he was born in 1841) to  August 1863 when he was invalided out.  He had server in India  1 year 3 months and in China 2 years 11 months. His character was described as ‘V Bad’.  The discharge record also shows that he had  ‘Opacity left cornea disease of right [cornea]’ and his place of birth is quoted as Mitcham, Surrey. He served for at least part of that time in the 99th Regiment of Foot,  and there is also mention of John Ogbourne with serving as an Able Seaman with service number 373  in the Royal Navy on the ship ‘Winchester’ in 1862 , and seems likely to have been the same person. His records show that he was born in Mitcham, Surrey, and may have been the son of George & Eleanor Ogbourne.  Is this person related to you ? ?  We’d be interested to know. john ogbourne peking 1860

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