Will of John Okborn 1456

Abstract of the Will of John Okborn 1456

John Okborn, clerk, Vicar of St Dunstan-next-Canterbury [Kent]


To be buried in the chancel of the church of St Dunstan

To the said church two cruets of silver

To the repair of the said church, 10 shillings

To the Light of The Holy Cross there 12d.

To the Lights of St John Baptist, St Ann, St Nicholas & St Dunstan 3s 4d between them.

[Clause as to masses for his soul]

To the poor on the day of my burial 4 marks.

To every brotherhood in the city shall have 2s on the day of my death.

To the Hospitals of Northgate & Harbaldon 20s equally between them.

To Christine Bocher one piece of silver of 6 ounces.

To Matilda Bysle one coverlet, sheets etc.

To each of my godchildren 8d.

To Alice Spycer a red gown

To Sir William Kityngton one breviary.

To Sir Clement [sic] one gown of Burnett [wool cloth] lined with pitch.

To John Cotyng a gown of green & 20s to pay for his school.

The residue to be disposed for the good of my soul by my executors Nicholas Faunt & Stephen Swyft, Overseer.


Sir John Botle, clerk

Dated 18 July 1456


Proved – no date


(Consistory Court of Canterbury Vol 2 folio 97)



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