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  1. I’ve recently learned that my paternal grandfather was Joseph Lewis Ogbourn and his father was Charles Henry Ogbourn. My grandfather died in an accident in 1925/26 and is buried in Wallowa, Orgeon. I’m trying to find any birth records of his children (including my father Orville) and my grandmother Cora Amanda (Olsen), these might also include an uncle Vernon (Ralph) and maybe an aunt Dorothy (Dot). My grandmother changed our family name to Goodwin sometime after his death.

    1. Re your post on the blog, I haven’t been able to find anything on the 2 that you mention in https://www.ogbourne.com/ogburn-usa-genealogica-information/313-pages-of-usa-genealogical-information-of-ogburns-and-ogborns/ 
       several with a first name of Charles and Joseph are mentioned, but with different second names.  This booklet in effect treats most Ogbourne etc as Ogburn.
      Tour comments are now open to visitors to the blog, so maybe someone will pick up on it.

      I just did a quick Google on your grandfather’s name and this came  up:  https://www.myheritage.com/names/charles_ogburn  which relates.

    1. It is clear that William was part of the force led by King Edward III so the pardon must surely have included the apparent breach of the rules of medieval chivalry which stated that a knight should be captured and ransomed, not killed.

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