Brushes with the law

Brushes with the Law in England & the USA


1. Numerous Proceedings in the Court of Chancery – 15th century involving Okebornes

(References from the Public Record Office of matters involving Ogb**rn*s between 1228 and 1483. (From the records of the late sociologist Professor W F Ogburn  )

2. Eddis V Ogborne 1618

(A dispute over ownership of land and houses where the Ogbornes threatened to pull down the houses and trees, and the dispute reached the Court of Chancery in London)

3. In the Reign of King Charles II one Samuel Ogbourne was convicted of involvement in unlawful religious worship.

4. Jury Rigging Trial – New Jersey

(Two Ogbournes were members of a jury in 1709 in a trial which dealt with allegations of tampering with records to rig a jury in New Jersey)

5. Three persons in the 19th Century were convicted in England and sentenced to be transported to Australia. For more information

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Focusing on the history of the name of Ogbourne, Ogborn, Ogburn and other variants, including the early form of Ocheburne & Okebourne