Will of William Okeborne 1455

Abstract of the Will of William Okeborne, Clerk

of the City of London

dated 30 July 1455.

My body to be buried in the church of St. Katherine near the Tower of London.

6s.8d. to the fabric of said church.

I leave communion dish &c., to the fraternity of Westbury Co. Gloucester, also my medicinal written in English &c.

To Matilde (Maud) Bisle my kinswoman a silver dish with three spoons.

To the Master of Gaunt a silver goblet and money for obits at supervision of Mr.William Sutton, Rector of St Werburg.

Books to church library of Bristol and to the University of Oxford other books for Disposal at discretion of my Executors.

To Matilde afsd.,my kinswoman, bed & bedding

I leave to John Stevens a gown, &c.

To Alice mother of sd.Matilde a gown of murrey,&c.

To the Rector of St.Werburg afsd. , a cope.

To the Rector of St.Peter’s Marlborough a gown with cope.

Wool cloth made by Richard Dugmore to be sold by my Executors.

To Cecilie my kinswoman 20s.

To Agnes my kinswoman ~~ 40s.

To Alice Bysley Thomas Bisley and Matilde his wife 20s.

To the Nunnery of St.Mary Magdalene 6d., the Chapel of Westbury 6d.

To ………. Haukins 6d.

Residue of my goods and chattels at the disposal of my Executors.

I make Executors Thomas Fuller, Miller Mr.W’illiam Sutton,Rector of St.Werburg in the city of Bristol and William Parchemener, Citizen and Draper of London.

Proved at Slyndon, 25 August 1455
Executor; William Parchemener power reserved of like grant to other executors.

(written in latin)

(Reference: P.C.C.Stokton fo.3 )


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