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Summarised below are sources of family history information for those investigating their ancestors in the UK. The surname is found as Ogbourne, Ogborne, Ogborn, or Ogburn in parish registers and other records. The spelling will be sometimes found to change for the same person at different times when the person themselves may not have been able to write. For this reason we recommend regarding them as the same name.

The areas in which numbers of Ogb*rn* families have lived for several centuries are as follows,

  • Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire and neighbouring towns/villages from the 16th century onwards, and also extending into areas of London in the late 19th century and later.
  • Nempnett Thrubwell, Somerset and surrounding area since the 17th century onwards, including the villages of Wrington, Butcombe, Winford, Chew Stoke,Ubley. Most Ogbornes in Bristol originate in this area.
  • Thornbury in Gloucestershire, including some Quakers in Chipping Sodbury.
  • Kingston on Thames, Surrey. Some from this area settled in South Wales.

The Somerset Ogbornes who included a very successful family of Ploughmen all appear to be descended from William Ogbourne who seems to have been an in-comer to the area and married Sarah Wedmore at Nempnett Thrubwell in 1657. No Ogbornes were recorded in church registers in any of the villages in the area before this wedding record. William may have come from Wootton Bassett.(Grandson of Peter Ogbourne)

There is a variety of information in this website which may help family history researchers/

There are a number of family histories kept on including ones maintained by the author of this website, who is happy to respond to requests for information.


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  1. Very interesting site, thank you.
    I believe William Ogborne and Sarah Wedmore were my 8x Grandparents.
    Elizabeth Ogborne (1820), daughter of William and Susannah was my 2x Great Grandmother.

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