Will of William Ogborne of Thornbury, Glos 1690

occupation : Baker
[This is a précis of the document, including all provisions in the will]
Leaves to wife house at Thornbury, including garden and ‘backside’ adjoining, a bakery, and stable also adjoining next to a street of St Mary’s St, Thornbury to his wife Anne during her life. After decease of wife the property is left to sons Thomas Ogborne and Joseph Ogborne and their survivors of for ever. To daughters Elizabeth, Jane & Margaret the sum of one shilling, and to my grand-daughters Jane Hall, Ann Smyth 5 pounds to be paid at age 21 or at date of marriage if earlier.
All other assets to wife Ann who is appointed sole Executrix Loving friend William Baker of Thornbury, Clothier and John Thurston the younger to be overseers of this will for which each is given 5 shillings.
Signed 2 January in the 1st year of the reign of King William & Queen Mary (1689)

2 thoughts on “Will of William Ogborne of Thornbury, Glos 1690”

  1. I have an earlier Ogborne at Thornbury who was also a Baker.
    He was William with a wife named Joane
    His parents were John Ogborne and Elizabeth Wheeler
    Johns parents were Thomas and Bridget
    Thomas’s Father another Thomas
    All originating at Thornbury
    I suspect that William (D1690) is part of this line

    1. Thanks for the information on Thornbury Ogbornes which I’ll check against the info I have. On Ancestry.com I have created a family tree for Thornbury Ogbornes with a limited amount of people on it. The earliest I have is Thomas born 1530

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