Ogbornes Occurring in early UK Public Records 1228 – 1483

References in early records in the Public Record Office, London extracted on behalf of the late Professor WF Ogburn (see letter below) of variations of the name of Ogburn

Letter to Professor W F Ogburn from Ethel Stokes (Researcher)

28 July 1928

Dear Sir,

I am sending you herewith notes of Ogburn’s found in calendars (list enclosed) according to your directions of the 8th inst. You will see the “family” (or probably individuals of different families originating in one or other of the Ogburnes) were spread pretty widely in England in the earlier centuries searched, & that the name appears to become much rarer as time goes on. There was a priory at Ogbourne St George, which may possibly have been a school, from which clerks went out. I do not know. In choosing sources I have tried to get series covering a very wide field, so that omissions or inclusions in them might have a certain significance; & I hope the result will be the sort of thing you had in mind,

Yours faithfully,

Ethel Stokes

I have put each item on a separate slip to enable you to sort them more easily in any way you wish.

Calendars searched for Ogburn


  • Close Rolls (Henry III – Edward III)
  • Patent Rolls (Henry III – 1509)
  • Letters & Papers, Henry VIII (1509-1547)
  • State Papers Domestic (1547-1639)
  • Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills 1383 – 1620
  • Gloucester Wills 1541 – 1650
  • Musgrove’s Obituary Notices 17th & 18th centuries
  • nil. Alumni Oxoniensis (to 1715)
  • nil. Foster’s Grantees of Arms (to end of 17th Cent.)
  • nil. Le Neve’s Pedigrees of Knights.
  • nil. Faculty Office (Province of Canterbury) Marriage Licences (1543 – 1869)
  • nil. Bishop of London’s Marriage Licences (1573 – 1828)
  • nil. Familide Minorum Gentium. (Harlean Society)
  • nil. Calendars to Fine Rolls (1272 – 1383)Other correspondence is addressed to Miss Stokes at Stokes & Cox, 75, Chancery Lane, London WC2. (The Public Record Office is situated in Chancery Lane)
    1228 Thomas, son of Ernest de Akebourn, struck Geoffrey le Carbuner, so that his life was despaired of; Thomas took refuge in the church, & abjured the realm. Geoffrey has recovered. Thomas petitions to be allowed to return, & assume the habit of a Cistercian monk in the abbey of Stanley, Wilts. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1225-1232 p 199
    10 Sept 1299 Henry de Okeburn, sometime bailiff of Weedon, Northants, one of those accused of the death of William son of Agatha, wife of Hugh, son of Adam de Wedone, the others being Theobald, Prior of Okeburn, Wm de Harden & Henry Boleny. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1292 – 1301 p 474
    1305 Assignment of dower to Alice late the wife of Ingelram le WaleysIn Wilts. – a tenament with a little garden in Okebourne, worth 3s. a year; and rent of £4.6.10 ½d from other lands that Ingelram demised to Alexander de Okebourn, clerk, for his life, in the town of Okebourn. Calendar of Close Rolls 1302-1307 p339
    12 Feb 1318 Presentation of Adam de Okebourne to the church of Felmersham, Co. Bedford. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1317 – 1321 p 79
    1319 Stephen de Okebourn & other felons, escaped from the King’s gaol of Wallingford castle, during the time that Edmund Bacon was the keeper. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1317 – 1321 p 340
    1320 Adam de Okeburne, one of a number of men going beyond the seas, on the King’s service. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1321-1327 pp 418 & 446
    28 Aug 1326 Order to the steward & marshal of the King’s household to deliver to the Bishop of Salisbury John de Okebourn & other clerks, charged with divers crimes, to be tried by ecclesiastical jurisdiction. They have escaped from the bishop’s prison, & were taken within the verge of the King’s household. (The King was then at Clarendon, Wilts) Calendar of Close Rolls 1323-1327 p 604
    May 1334 Peter de Okebourn, going to Ireland with John de Ellerker the younger, clerk, treasurer of Ireland. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1334-1338 p 104
    1337 William de Okeburn* security for the money owed to the King by the prior of Wyleford, Co Lincoln.Calendar of Close Rolls 1337-1339 p 176*In a corresponding entry on the Fine Roll (Cal 1337-1347 p 30) he is described as of co. Wilts.
    1338 Peter de Okebourn, one of two attorneys in Ireland of John de Ellerker, clerk, staying in England. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 47
    2 Sept 1338 Peter de Okebourn confirmed steward of the liberty of Wexford (Ireland) in the King’s hands by reason of the minority of Lawrence de Hastynges, – during pleasure. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 127
    3 Jan to 18 March 1339 The King’s clerk, Adam de Okebourn, Keeper of the lands which Ralph de Monthermer & Isabel his wife, late the wife of George? de Hastyng, tenant in chief, held as her dower, she having married the said Ralph without the King’s permission. Calendar of Fine Rolls 1307-1318 pp388 & 394

    [In the Kingdom of England, the title of Secretary of State came into being near the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603), the usual title before that having been King’s ClerkKing’s Secretary, or Principal Secretary.]

    7 Mar 1339 Order to the Bishop of Hereford, keeper of Ireland, to commit to Peter de Okebourn the office of changer for making the King’s money in that land, if he is fit for it; to hold that office at will. Calendar of Close Rolls 1339-1341 p 32
    25 March 1339 The King is sending to Ireland by Peter de Okeburn 8 pairs of stamps for sterlings, 8 pairs for halfpennies, & 8 pairs for farthings, in a bag under the chancellors’ seal. Calendar of Close Rolls 1339-1341 p 59
    15 Sept 1339 Peter de Okebourn, one of the two attorneys of Roger de Glaunvill, staying in England for a year.(the document says England, but must surely be a misprint for Ireland. )Calendar of Patent Rolls 1338-1340 p 314
    12 Oct 1346 Wm. De Okebourn has a pardon, dated at Calais, of all homicides, felonies, robberies, etc etc. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1345 – 1348 p 475
    16 Oct 1347 Peter de Okebourn appointed constable of Limerick Castle for life Calendar of Patent Rolls 1345 – 1348 p 416
    12 July 1348 Peter de Okebourn, one of the Attorneys in Ireland, of John Darcy, staying in England for two years.(In 1349 the like, on behalf of Wm. Darcy, ibid. p261 In 1350 the like, on behalf of Sir John Moryz ibid. p 503. He acts for others in 1352 & 1353, 1355, 1356, 1357, 1358,1360, 1362, 1363 & 1364)
    12 Dec 1351 Grant to the King’s clerk, William de Okebourn, of the prebend of Bishopstone in the cathedral church of Salisbury. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1350-1354 p191
    26 Feb 1351 William de Okebourne, parson of Bugbrooke, Northants, exchanges that living for Houghton on the Hill, Co. Leicester. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1350-1354 p 40
    14 Oct 1359 Pardon of Richard Okebourn of N.Bovy (Co Devon) of his outlawry in the court of husting of London for not appearing to answer Adam Stable, citizen and mercer of London, for a debt of 78s., he having now surrendered to the Fleet Prison. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1358-1361 p 288
    20 Oct 1359 Order to the bailiffs of Devizes (Wilts) to let Thomas de Okeburn, whom the King has appointed Keeper of Charles de Bloys and his children, to have men of that town, as he shall need them, for the custody of the castle there, so that there may be no danger of their escape. Calendar of Close Rolls 1354-1360 p 158
    1359 John Okebourn of Co. Essex )Ralph de Okebourne ) purveyors of oats for the King’s household.Calendar of Close Rolls 1354-1360 p 545
    16 Apr 1361 Grant for life to Ralph Okebourn, one of the King’s sumpters, of an annuity of 40s. at the Exchequer. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1361-1364 p 7
    6 Apr 1361 Grant for life, or until other order, to John de Okebourne, for long service & because he has been maimed in such service, of 1½d a day at the Exchequer. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1361-1364 p16
    13 Feb 1364 Appointment of Peter Okebourn to be second chamberlain of the Exchequer of Ireland, during good behaviour. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1361-1364 p 468
    14 Aug 1369 Confirmation to Nicholas de Okebourn of a grant to him of 2d. a day by the late Queen Phillipa. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1369-1370 p 323
    12 Aug 1370 William Okeburne & Henry Gilbert appointed to repair defects in the paling of the park, & in houses and buildings of the manor of Claryndon (Wilts); taking carpenters, hewers of stone and other workmen, to stay at the said work, at the King’s wages, as long as need be, with power to commit to prison any that are contrariant in the matter. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1367-1370 p459
    5 March1371 William de Okebourne & Thomas Erlestoke, clerk, overseers of repair of the default of Old Sarum (Salisbury) castle. Calendar of Close Rolls 1369-1374 p 218
    1 June 1377 John Okebourne, parson of Chiddingstone, Kent, a feoffee of Sir Robert de Swyllyngton, Knight.Calendar of Close Rolls 1374 – 1377 p 549
    May 1378 William Okebourne a witness to a deed executed that day at Olford, Kent. Calendar of Close Rolls 1374- 1377 p 97
    July 1379 Presentation of Walter Okebourne, parson of Marksbury,(Somerset), to the church of Grimsted, (Wilts), on an exchange of benefices. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1377-1381 p372
    20 Jan 1380 John Okebourne of the county of Kent makes a declaration in Chancery as to John Somery, collector of the subsidy in Kent. Calendar of Fine Rolls 1377-1383 p 235
    25 Apr 1390 Pardon to Robert de Okebourn & Joan his wife for acquiring for their lives, from Henry de Ferrers, lord of Groby, without licence, a yearly rent of 12 marks out of the manor of Groby (Co.Leicester). Calendar of Patent Rolls 1388-1392 p 263
    5 Aug 1394 License for William Okebourne, born in Ireland, to remain in England, notwithstanding the proclamation made for all men born there to return. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1391-1396 p 457
    17 Aug 1398 Grant to the King’s servants John Lankryge & John Okburn of a fine of £10 from the warden of the Common Pleas prison, for the escape of a prisoner. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1396-1399 p 374
    1398 Reference to a grant [in trust?] by Henry de Ferrers, son & heir of William de Ferrers de Groby, of the advowsons of the church of High Laver, Essex to Robert Okebourne & others. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1396-1399 p 430
    8 Dec 1422 Robert Okebourne, deputy of John Arderne, clerk of the works at the manor of Claryndon, [Wilts] Calendar of Patent Rolls 1416-1422 p 411
    1415 Robert Okbourne, clerk, trustee (with John Peryman esq & others) for John Hore of Cambridge Esq., and his wife, as to the manor of Lockele in Welwyn (Co.Herts) & the advowson of Welwyn church. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1413-1415 p335
    1420 Confirmation of grant made in 1415 of tenement in Havering atte Bower (Essex) of which John Peryent, Esq., and Robert Okeburne & others were tenants)Calendar of Patent Rolls 1416-1422 p 301
    27 Jan 1429 Presentation of William Okeburne, chaplain, to the chantry of Holy Cross in the King’s castle of Old Saresbury (Old Sarum, Wilts). Calendar of Patent Rolls 1422-1429 p 526
    27 Feb 1449 The gaol of Worcester castle to be delivered to William Okeburn. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1446-1452 p 237
    7 Sept 1483 Appointment of William Okburne, yeoman of the crown, to take cars, wagons and mares for the transport of certain ordnance and habitments of war to the town & castle of Berwick, [upon Tweed, English/Scottish border] for the defence of the same. Calendar of Patent Rolls 1476 – 1482 p 462

Further summaries of procedings in the Court of Chancery in the 15th century
(Taken from publications of the Wiltshire Record Society)

Early Chancery proceedings C1/17/7
as C1/16/214 or 49 HenryVI – 20-22 Edward IV 1470 – 1483

The Answer of John Grove to the bill of Sir William Okeborne.

That the said William had alleged that this defendant “by undue means of malice and against all conscience dayly vexeth and troubleth him” by diverse suits in the County of Middlesex.

In reply to him the defendant answered that “an action of conspiracy the which is yet hanging in the King’s Court at Westminster” before the justices of the King’s Bench between Richard Hounford of Elmyngdon in the County of Warwick clerk against the said John Grove and others for the part of the said Richard maintained for the which maintenance the said John Grove and others sueth the said William Okeborne in the said Shire of Middlesex as he hath cause and as leave will without that he dayly vexeth and troubleth him by undue means of malice “as William alleged in his bill.

He denied everything in the bill and said “it is untrue and that he is in no point thereof guilty.


Early Chancery proceedings C1/16/214

8 Henry IV – 35 Henry VI 1406 – 1457

John Grove, Thomas Bele and Sir Gerard Snarr, priest

William Okebourne clerk, parson of Saint Anselms atte Poulesgate of London
On St Andrews day last the defendant said he will undo utterly your said supplicant and spend on him XI m [£40]


Early Chancery proceedings C1/31/24

Edward IV – 1403/4

Richard Warla of Wilton, Wilts farmer
John Okeburn Prior of St John’s Wilton

The Mayor and Bailiffs of Wilton [Wiltshire]
That the said prior owed Sir Thomas Bishop priest 13s 4d but the prior is now taken prisoner by yonde see [beyond the sea – i.e. in a foreign country ?] in going toward Rome. And the said Richard Bishop had commenced an action of debt before the Mayor and Bailiffs of Wilton and “the said mayor being favourable unto the said Sir Thomas and judge of that court would condemn him in the said sum.


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