Will of Robert Okebourne 1506

Prerogative Court of Canterbury – 5, Adean

The Will of Robert Okebourne


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. The fifth day of March in the year of our Lord God one thousand five hundred and five and in the twenty first reign of our Lord King Henry the Seventh, I Robert Okebourne, Citizen and Vintner of London, do make and ordain this my present Testament concerning therein my last Will.

FIRST, I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God my Saviour and to his Blessed Mother and all the holy Company of Heaven. I will my body to be buried in Saint James in the Fields beside Charing Cross in the County of Middlesex in the same place there where Alice late my wife lyeth buried. I bequeath to the Master of the same place for my such
burying there to be had and towards the preparation of this place there Twenty shillings. I will that my Executors under written send an honest priest of good name fame and consideration and gyding to sing and pray for my soul in the said Church of Saint James by the space of an whole year next ensuing after my decease, and that the same priest shall have for his stipend and salary for the same year Fifteen shillings lawful money of England. Also I bequeath unto the High Altar of the Church of Saint Lawrence in Old Jewry of London to the intent that the Curate there pray for my soul 3s. 4d. I bequeath to either Brotherhood founded in the said Church of Saint Lawrence called the Roode and Peny Brotherhood to the intent that the Brethren there have my soul recommended in their devout prayers 3s. 4d.

AND WHEREAS I have one hundred mark in my rule custody and government surely to keep to the use of Rose Wedoke during here nonage, to be repaid by my Executors. And I will that the said Rose shall have all such lands and tenements with their appurtenances lying and being in the Parish and Commons of Eton in the County of Bedford the which Richard Talfer my servant and tenant holdeth and occupied there for time of certain years
to come, to have and to hold all the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances to the said Rose for the term of her natural life. I will all such person or persons that now be seized of and in the foresaid lands and tenements with their appurtenances by me with me or to my use whatsoever they shall be reasonably regained by the said Rose by their waiting sufficiently in law shall make a lawful estate to the said Rose of and in the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances in he form aforesaid. And I will that all the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances immediately after her decease shall remain unto Robert Brokat the younger son of William Brokat Citizen and Goldsmith of London and to his lawful heirs, and if it happen the said Robert Brokat the younger do
die without issue of his body lawfully begotten I will that all such lands etc. wholly remain and rent to Johane Brokat sister of the said Robert for her lifetime only and after her decease I will that the said lands etc. remain to William Brokat Citizen and Goldsmith and to his heirs in fee simple for ever.

AND WHEREAS John Letshim late my servant laid to mortgage to me certain lands and tenements being in Carlton Newarke and Nottingham in the County of Nottingham for a certain sum of money and under certain conditions and rehearsed in a paper of indenture made between me and the said John Letshim as by the same indenture more plainly it may appear, or the which said sum named in the said indenture the residue due behind unpaid to me by the said John Letshim Thirty Pounds, the which Thirty Pounds so to me due by the said John Letshim I bequeath to the said William Brokat, he to do and dispose his free will and pleasure therewith if he can find he means to get it without contradiction or delay in any wise.

ALSO, I give to Elizabeth my wife in name of her full part and portion of all my goods, chattels and debts that to her shall belong or appertain as by and after the custom of the City of London shall be lawfully determined.

I BEQUEATH to Elizabeth my daughter wife of the aforesaid William Brokat Goldsmith, of her full part and portion of all my goods etc. that to her shall belong after my decease by the custom of the City of London shall lawfully be determined and adjudged because and forasmuch as the said Elizabeth my daughter nor her husband before this time had needed no part of my goods nor other advancement by me in any manner of wise.

I BEQUEATH unto the said William Brokat all my part of the ode which William Brokat and I had joint together, And the obligations of Fifteen Pounds to me due and to the said William Brokat by William Bayne Vintner of London.

I BEQUEATH unto John Lutte a black gown.

To my sister his wife a ring of gold.

To Thomas Joyno, Joiner, a Gown.

To Robert Brokat the Elder a ring of gold.

To John Ogburn a blue gown

To Thomas Sparrow my bay horse.

To Robert Bretayne and John his brother to each twenty shillings.

to John Rawlin my apprentice Five Marks.

AND WHEREAS I have lent Mr Braytofte upon pledge as a cup of silver with a coverlet
and a ring of gold the which pledges I will shall be praised and the overplus to be
distributed amongst his children.

I BEQUEATH to the four orders of Friars to every place of them 3s 4d.

The residue of all my goods etc. I bequeath to my Executors and they by just agreement
to dispose for my soul.

I ordain Elizabeth my wife and William Brokat to be Executors of this my Will.
Overseers, Thomas Joyno, John Lutte, Robert Brokat, Thomas Sparrow.

PROVED at Lambeth the 27th day of January 1506 by the oath of the Executors named.

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