Will of Sarah Ogborne of Marshfield, Gloucestershire, UK 1739

In this will which is given in full in the UK Wills section Sarah leaves assets to various members of her family “They all having their residence if living at or about a certain place called Chester Field In the County of Burlington in Pennsylvania.”

Puzzling that she says Pennsylvania rather than New Jersey, but the names quoted in the will make it very clear that she is the Sarah mentioned in the Will of John Ogborne, of Springfield; proved Mch. 28, 1720,

In it we are told that he mentioned Wife, but no name is given, “now in England.
Daughter, Sarah, now in England.”

Marshfield is near to the historic city of Bristol, and to the town of Thornbury, where Ogbornes have been recorded since the 16th century. The family of Nathaniel Ogborne at Chipping Sodbury (also nearby) are among the beneficiaries in her will, this family appears in Quaker records from 1660 onwards.

The search is now on to find the births of John Ogborne Snr and his two sons in Gloucestershire.

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