Descendants of Samuel Ogborne NJ

11 SAMUEL OGBORNE, son of John Ogborne, 7, was born Jan. 9, 1740, and died, Jan. 3, 1816, aged 75 years, 11 months and 25 days. He married, by license dated Jan. 5, 1765, Ann, daughter of Guisbert van Brackle and Rachel Brittain, a woman possessed of many admirable qualities, who was born May 8, 1744, and died, Dec.21, 1831, aged 87 years, 7 months and 13 days. They resided in and were buried in the town of Holmdel.

The names of their children and grandchildren were obtained from their wills, recorded at Freehold, and from papers, in the possession of Miss Dorset, of Matawan, a sister of Governor Bedle’s mother, the record of most of their births. Miss Dorset has likewise an old Delft bowl, some silver, which has been melted over, and a large cedar chest, which had belonged to some of the first Ogbornes, Perhaps all of these things were bought at the vendue of his aunt Abigail’s effects, following her demise.

1805, May 20. He purchased land from the Trustees of the Baptist Church, of Middletown, probably the present site of Ogborne’s Corners.

1806, May 9. He sold this and other property, extending from his location to Richard Crawford’s Corner, and land at Tinton, for $1,143., to Matthias W. Covenhoven.


  • 18 John Ogborne, born Dec.15, 1771.
  • 19 Mary Ogborne, born Oct. 9, 1766.
  • 20 Rachel Ogborne, born Nov. 5, 1774.
  • 21 Ann Ogborne, born Mch. 23, 1778.
  • 22 Sarah Ogborne, born Apr. 15,1784.
  • 23 Rhoda Ogborne, born Jan.28, 1765

The following grandchildren were mentioned in the wills of their grandparents, Samuel and Ann (Van Brackle) Ogborne, also their three sons-in-law, Peter Schenck, James Bray and Joseph Dorset, who were nominated as executors:

Ichabod Ogborne
Mary and Amelia Bray
Louette and Catharine Bray
Ann Murphy
Ann Schanck
Ann Applegate
Ann Dorset

Be it Remembered that I Gilbert Van brocle on this twenty thurd Day of February in the Year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and fourty three foure Do Bind My Self By Promife Unto John Dorsett and James Mott Executers of the Last Will * * * of Samuel Dorfett Deceaft for the Love Good Will and affection that I Bare to My Wife Rachel and to her two Children Elizabeth Dorfitt and Mary Dorfett and in confideration of a legasy Left to My Wife Rachel By her Deceased husband Samuel Dorsett that I will take into My Special Care Said Elisabeth Dorfett and Mary Dorfett to Edicate and Bring up at My own Care and Cost Without Any further Demand on the Estate of Said Deceased Samuel Dorsett.

in Witness Whareof I Set My hand
in the Presents of

Abraham Smith
John Wall


Cherry Hall Papers.

Know all Men By these Presents that We Samuel Ogborne And Anne Ogborne Wife of Said Samuel Ogborne and Daughter of Gisebert Van brocle Deceaft Bothe of the township of Middletown and County of Monmouth and Colliny of Newlersey are held and firmly Bound Unto Steven Van brockle and James Mott Executers of Gifebert Van brockle Deceaft * * * Dated this fifth Day of May In the Sixth Year of his majesties Reign And In the Year of Ower lord * * * * * 1766 ***

Signed Sealed and Delivered:

In Prefens of:

Cherry Hall Papers.

Know all Men By these Presents that we Rachel Van brocle And Samuel Ogborne: Juner: Bothe of the township of Middletown and County of Monmouth And Colliny of New Jersey are held And firmly Bound unto Steven Van brockel and James Mott Executors of Gisbert Van brockel Deceaft In the Just and full Sum of Eighty Six Pounds Mony at Eight Shillings the Ounce to Be Paid Unto the Said Steven Van brockel and James Mott * * *.

Dated this Twenty nine Day of October in the Sixth Year of the Reign of Owr Soveran king Gorge the third And in the Yeare of Ower lord * * * One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty six, 1766.

The Condition of the above written obligation I[s] Such that Whareas the Above Named Steven Van brocle and James Mott hath Payed Unto the Above Named Rachel Vanbockel Daughter of the Above named Gilbert Van brockel the Sum of fourty three Pounds Mony at Eight Shillings the Ounce Being full half of all the Estate of Gisbert van brockel Deceaft In the hands of Said Steven VanbroCkel and James Mott.

Signed Sealed and Delivered:

In the Presents of:


Cherry Hall Papers.

12 WILLIAM OGBORNE, son of John Ogborne, 7, married Rebecca Perine, of Freehold. He resided, first, at Middletown, where he and his wife, June 6, 1784, sold property to Anthony Layton, and in later years, at Freehold.

1779, Apr. 9. He transferred the property which his grandfather, Samuel Ogborne, had purchased, in 1712 and 1715, and another piece, bought of Joseph Golden, in 1720, and which he devised to his grandsons, Samuel and William Ogborne, to his brother, Samuel Ogborne. He died about 1822. He was a private in Lieutenant Barnes Smock’s Troop of Light Dragoons, Monmouth County, during the Revolutionary War.


  • 24 Henry Ogborne, who had one son and one daughter
  • 25 Sarah Ogborne; married Jacob Niverson. She died, in 1879, aged 88 years; They
  • had seven children.
  • 26 William Ogborne; married Rhoda Martin.
  • 27 Samuel Ogborne; died aged about five years.
  • 28 Elizabeth Ogborne; died unmarried.
  • 29 Lydia Ogborne; married Abraham Tunis, of Tinton Falls. She died about 1850 Issue
    • John Tunis
    • Several daughters.
  • 30 Harriet Ogborne; the youngest; married John Harris. She was living in 1879. Among her children is Mrs. Eliza Bishop, widow of Capt. Bishop, of Keyport, N.J.
  • 31 Susan Ogborne; died young.
  • 32 John Ogborne (?]

13 MARY OGBORNE, daughter of John Ogborne, 7, was born in March, 1742, and died, Jan. 9, 1820, aged 77 years, 9 months and 19 days. She married, by license dated Oct. 19, 1761, Joseph Stillwell, Esq., son of John and Mercy (Burrowes) Stillwell, of Nutswamp, who was born Sept.28, 1739, and died Mch. 8, 1805.


  • Major John Stillwell, born Sept.19, 1762.
  • Dr. William Stillwell, born Jan. 6,1768.
  • Joseph Stillwell born Sept.17, 1765.
  • Mary Stil1well, born Feb.12, 1766
  • Ann Stillwell; born Sept.13, 1778.

14 SARAH OGBORNE, daughter of John Ogborne, 7, married William Stillwell, son of Thomas, son of Thomas and Alice (Throckmorton) Stillwell. She died, Oct.28, 1817, aged 72years, 8 months and 14 days. They resided in Nutswamp.


  • William Stillwell; “Lame Billy,” married Miss Patterson
  • Thomas Stillwell (?)
  • Sarah Stillwell; married Mr. – Patterson. Issue:
    • Katy Patterson
    • Rebecca Patterson
    • Stillwell Patterson
  • Rhoda Stillwe1l; married, James Brannon.
  • Martha Stillwell; married Joseph Cooper, of Nutswamp, whose first wife was Euphame Layton.

15 HANNAH OGBORNE, daughter of John Ogborne, 7, married First, Mr. Maxin; second, David Thorp,


  • Anne “Maxin; married Daniel Smith. They had twelve or thirteen children Issue
    • Eldest son; married Deborah, daughter of Maj. John Stillwell. Issue,
      • Daughter; married Sidney McClain.
  • Daughter; married Mr. Daly, of New York.
  • Mary Thorp; married William Taylor. Issue
    • Hannah Taylor; married Sylvanus C. Bedell.
  • Jane Thorp; married Asher Stillwell; For their issue, see Stillwell Genealogy,

17 ELIZABETH OGBORNE, daughter of John Ogborne, 7, married William Applegate,

  • Richard Applegate; married a daughter of John StilIwell, of Garrat’s Hill.
  • Mary Applegate; married Mr. Hoff. Et al

18 JOHN OGBORNE, son of Samuel Ogborne, 11, probably married Ida ……and had a daughter, Rhoda, and one other child. He died, July z8, 1847, in his 76th year, and was buried in Holmdel, N.J.

Asher Taylor, Esq., said John Ogborne died without issue.

19 MARY (POLLY) OGBORNE, daughter of Samuel Ogborne, 11, married, first, Samuel Bray; second, Stout Holmes, who was born July 24, :1756, and died, Jan.27-‘, 1817, aged 60 years and 8 months, He lies buried in Holmdel, “N. :-“J. She married, third, Major John Still well. ~ She died, Sept. 21, :1831, aged 64 years, 11 months and 18 days, and lies buried in the Holmdel Baptist Churchyard, under the name of Holmes. She was the second wife of Major John Stillwell about two years.

I have spoken with several who were present at her third marriage, the Applegates, Dorsets and others. She lived with Joseph, Son of Major John Stillwell, for a while, but finally went to Freehold, where she died and was buried. She was a cousin of her husband, Major John Stillwell.

Issue :-by first husband


  • Samuel Bray
  • Rachel Bray
  • Mary Bray
  • Ann Bray

Issue :- by second husband

  • Alice Holmes; married Judge Murphy, of Freehold.
  • Lydia Holmes; married William Wyckoff, of near Keyport, N.J.

20 RACHEL OGBORNE, daughter of Samuel Ogborne, 11, married, first, James Bray, who died, Sept. I, 1810 aged 37 years, 11 months and 29 days. Bray “cleared out”; it is said he was poisoned. She married, second, Mr. Bent. By him she probably had one child. Mr. Bent disappeared. She died, Feb.20, 1855, aged 80 years, 3 months and 15 days. Her portrait is in the possession, of George W. Bell, Esq., of Matawan.

Rachel Ogborne had a daughter, Lauretta, who married, first, Mr. Harris; second, Mr. Bell.


  • Ann Bray; eldest; married Mr Murphy. She was a lovely old lady and brought up her brothers and sisters.
  • Catharine Winter Bray; died, July 29, 1837, aged :36 years, 7 months and 3 days.
  • David Bray.
  • Samuel Ogborne Bray; died, Nov.10, !802, aged 5 years and 14 days.
  • Samuel Ogborne Bray; died, Mch. 27, 1872, :aged 69 years, 4 months and 20 days. He married Elizabeth ….. , who died, Apr. 2, 1858, aged 48 years and 20 days.

21 ANN OGBORNE, daughter of Samuel Ogborne, 11, had a son, Ichabod, who died, Dec.21, 1841, aged 44 years and 5 days. She lived, and died, at Ogborne’s Corners, Oct.16, 1847, aged 69 years, 6 months and 23 days.

22 SALLY OGBORNE, daughter of Samuel Ogborne, 11, married, first, Joseph Dorset, of Matawan. She :married, second, Oliver Sprouls, and died, May 24, :1858, aged 74 years, 1 month and 9 days.


  • Ann Dorset
  • Hannah Dorset
  • Joseph Dorset

23 RHODA OGBORNE, daughter of Samuel Ogborne, 11, married Peter Schanck. She died, Aug.21, 1848, aged 83 years, 1 month and 24 days. Her husband died, June 6, 1837, aged 71 years and 10 days.


  • Rhoda Schenck; died, Jan.28, 182 1, aged 20 years, 5 months and 4 days.
  • Sarah Schenck. died, Dec.22, 1823, aged 27 years and 20 days.
  • John P Schenk; died Feb 10, 1863 aged 57 years 6 months and 23 days

26 WILLIAM OGBORNE, son of William Ogborne, 12, was born Apr. 4., 1787, and died, Dec.26, 1851, aged 62, 8, 19. He married, first, Rhoda Martin, born Sept. 16, 1789, who died, July…, 1820, in her 31st year. He married, second, Rachel , born May 8, 1799; died Sept.20, 1873. He was a resident of Upper Freehold. Willlam Ogborne and his two wives are buried in the Baptist Churchyard, Hightstown, N. J.

1810, May 7. With his wife, Rhoda, he conveyed property to Joshua Barker.
1819. With the same wife, he Conveyed property to Hiram Mount.

  • 33 Mary Ogborne, born July 12, 1806.
  • 34 Hannah Ogborne, born Oct. 9, 1807.
  • 35 Robert Jones Ogborne, born May 10, 1810.
  • 36 Ellzabeth Ogborne, born Nov.13, 1812.
  • 37 Sarah Ann Ogborne, born Dec.10, 1815.
  • 38 Lydia Ogborne, born Oct. ‘3, 1816; living, in 1878, at 1225 Shackamaxon St.,Philadelphia, Pa.; married Mr. Way.
  • 39 Rhoda Ogborne, born Sept.. 28, 1818.
  • 40 Willam Ogborne, born Mch. 21, 1820.
  • 41 Mary B. Ogborne, born Nov. 8, 1825.
  • 42 Rachel Ogborne, born Feb.16, 1827; living in 1878.
  • 43 Henry ,Ogborne, born Aug. 13, 1828.
  • 44 Archibald :R. Ogborne, born Apr. 27,1830; living in 1878.
  • 45 Mary Ellzabeth Ogborne, born June 14, 1834.
  • 46 Emmaline Ogborne, born Jan 8, 1836.
  • 47 Ezekiel Ogborne, born May 30, 1837,
  • 48 Rebecca :R. Ogborne, born Sept.21, 1839.
  • 49 Henry C. Ogborne, born Oct. 3, 1844.

35 ROBERT JONES OGBORNE, son of William Ogborne, 26, was born May 10, 1810; married Elizabeth Neal. They resided at Hightstown, N.J., where they had ten children born, four of whom died in infancy.


  • 50 Rev. Willard N. Ogborne, of Smith’s Landing, N. J., in 1878.
  • 51 Abner R. Ogborne; married Emma L., daughter of Col. James and Sarah (Scroggy) Burk.
  • 52 Rebecca Ogborne; married Enoch Dey. Issue
    • Elmer E. Dey
    • Viola Dey
    • Mary E. Dey

53 Samuel M. Ogborne

54 Lydia M. Ogborne; married Ernest W. Mcllvaine.


  • Ernest W. MecIlvaine

55 Joanna Ogborne; married Joseph Ketchum.


  • Hannah Ketchum,

42 RACHEL OGBORNE, daughter of William Ogborne, 26, married John R. Ely. She was living, in 1878, at Harlington or Harlingen, N.J., and corresponded with me, supplying the preceding transcript of the Family Bible in the possession, at one time, of her mother.

50 REV. WILLARD N. OGBORNE, son of Robert J. Ogborne, 35, died prior to 1907. He married, first, Phebe Seely, and second, Olivia Van Duyn.

Issue -by first wife

  • 56 Willard Ogborne

Issue by -second wife

  • 57 Gertrude Ogborne
  • 58 Harold Ogborne

51 ABNER R. OGBORNE, son of Robert J. Ogborne, 35, married Emma L., daughter of Col. James and Sarah (Scroggy) Burk; Scotch people.


  • 59 Sarah Elizabeth Ogborne
  • 60 Robert J. Ogborne, of New York City.
  • 61 Le Roy Ogborne

53 SAMUEL M. OGBORNE, son of Robert J. Ogborne, 35, married Addie Springer


  • 62 Isaac Ogborne

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