The Ogbourne Villages


Three villages exist in the County of Wiltshire, England : Ogbourne St George, Ogbourne St Andrew and Ogbourne Maisey. 
The 3 villages were listed in the Doomsday Book   published in the year 1086 by William The Conqueror.
We recommend a visit to (The website for the village of Ogbourne St George) and for more information on the illustrious history of the villages  The Ogbourne St Andrew History GroupOgbourne St George and The Ridgeway Walk

For more information on the history we recommend the Wiltshire County Council’s Thumbnail History: on Ogbourne St George and on Ogbourne St Andrew

View of the River Og at Ogbourne St Andrew

Location of the Ogbourne villages

Location of the Ogbourne Villages

Good satellite images of the villages are now available at Google Maps –
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There are several good watering holes in the Ogbourne villages,  including  The Parklands Hotel and Restaurant and the Inn with the Well

The Manor House stands on the spot where The Priory once stood, a short distance from the present

Ogbourne St George Parish Church
Ogbourne St George Parish Church

Part of the manor house can be seen top left. We understand that there are underground passages leading from the Manor House to the church. In fact we were told that there are two tunnels which go from the house to two places in the garden, but expert opinion now indicates that it is more likely to have been a drain than a secret passage. The connection with the Abbey Bec in France ‘The Bailiwick of Ogbourne’ to whom rents were paid from the 12th century, though these were later diverted to King’s College Cambridge.

On to Ogbourne St Andrew, where as in St George there are numerous fine thatched cottages and houses which are typical of Wiltshire, though more usually found in the southern half of the county.  Ogbourne St Andrew church is said to contain the only known example of a ‘long barrow’ (pre-historic burial mound) within the churchyard. To read more about this see this webpage.

The other principal hostelry in St George is ‘The Old Crown’ where the author of this homepage has ‘taken the waters’ in the past – ‘the pub with the well’ – if you wish to reserve bed and breakfast here the phone number is 01672 841445. The advertisement in the parish magazine clearly states ‘no juke box’ and ‘no pool table’ so one may be assured of a peaceful atmosphere here.

Brief histories of the parishes of Ogbourne St Andrew and Ogbourne St George are included in John Chandler’s ‘Marlborough and Eastern Wiltshire’ published in 2001 by Hobnob Press, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, ISBN 0-946418-07-1
The Frances Frith Collection of images of Ogbourne
St George
and Ogbourne St Andrew

All three villages have lovely oggtcsthatched cottages with marvellous gardens. Ogbourne St Andrew is partly on the main road, but the part laying back and the other two villages have an ambience of quiet serenity and peace.’ Clearly a warm welcome can be expected for visitors with an interest in the villages. It was said that they are not unused to visits from Ogburns and the like with American accents, one of whom endeared himself by a generous donation to parish funds.

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