Symon Ogbourne 1652 – Virginia

Symon Ogbourne – Emigrant to Virginia – 1652

was one of 28 brought to Virginia in 1652 by Thomas Steevens. Many modern Ogburns /Ogbournes in the USA are descended from this man. Details of the party are shown below:

Thomas Steevens, 1400 acres at.Lancaster Co., 2 Sept. 1652, p. 120. Upon S. E. side of Farnom Creek., extending N. N. E. from land of Leroy Griffin to the head of Creek, to land of Thomas Griffin &c. Transfer of 28 persons, as follows:

Robert Savidge, Richard Eules, Edward Gibbs, Ra. Waddington, Tho. Quinee, Elizabeth Sutton, Sarah Powell, Thomas Sanders, Provost Nelson, Frank Monkes, Henry Purchase, Alice Travabin(?), Symon Ogbourne, Thomas Browne, Richard Dibbins, Jane Fenton, John Miles, Thomas Hewes, Jane Willis, Grace Legg, Mr. Wm. Whitby.

A study of the surnames in the group was made to try to establish clues to the origin in England of these people, but the surnames proved to have no close correlation with specific parts of the country.

A separate page details possible origins of Symon Ogbourne in England  


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  1. Hopefully you will email me back. I left a message for you a few months ago but never heard back.
    My great, great grandparents are Morgan James and Julia Ann (Ogburn) James. I noted, in your genealogy report, that Morgan may have died in 1867. I have some questions I hope you can answer about him. I live in Boise, Idaho. My cell is (208) 861-4699 if you wanted to give me a call. Thanks

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