A Lineage Beginning With John Ogbourne Of Burlington Co., N.J.


This lineage was proposed by Jerri Fredin in her book, William Fenimore 1834-1917, His Ancestors and Descendants, privately published, Seattle, (1978). She makes no assertions about this lineage but suggests it as a reasonable possibility.
As presented here, this lineage is accompanied by pertinent references to public records. These references do not appear in Fredin’s book. The name, Ogburn, is spelt as it appears in the Fredin book or as in the reference cited.
1st and 2nd Generations
John Ogbourne, was located in Burlington Co.,N.J. by 1684 when he purchased 150 acres in Burlington Co.
1. William
2. John, 1672-1713, m.c1697 to Ann Kendall d/o Thomas and Mary.(Elton), children: 1) Sarah, d.1771, m.1)1720 to John Carman, m.2)c1725 to Michael Woolson; 2)Hannah, m.Benjamin Butterworth; 3)Anna, m.Job Lippincott.
Administration of the will of John Ogborn of Burlington was granted to his widow, Anne, on 22 Feb 1713-4 [1]. The will of William Ogborn of Burlington Co., dated 18 Jan 1708-9, mentions father, John Ogborne [2].
2nd and 3rd Generations
,,e 1. William Ogbourne, 1670-1713, buried in Burlington, N.J., m.17 Nov 1698 to Mary Cole.
“1–1.1 John
.2 Elizabeth, m.1724 to John Pancoast, s/o Joseph and Thomasin Scattergood.
.3 Mary, m.1731 to Joseph Pancoast, s/o William and Hannah Scattergood.
.4 Hannah, m.1722 to Jonathan Sleeper, s/o Aaron and Elizabeth Shaw.
The will of William Ogborn of Burlington Co., dated 18 Jan 1708-9 and proved 24 Apr 1714, mentions wife, Mary; son, John under age;
daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary; and father, John Ogborne [2].
3rd Generation
1.1 John Ogbourne, d.1774; m.1)19 Jan 1723/4 in N.J. to Sarah Shreve, d/o Caleb and Sarah (Areson); m.2)before 1746 to Tabitha Sims, d/o Ambrose Jackson.
Jerri Fredin postulates that this John Ogbourne and Tabitha Sims are the John Ogburn and Tabitha Ogburn who were witnesses to the will of Richard Wood, dated 1746, recorded in Burnswick Co.,Va. [3] and who are the progenitors of the line set forth in Chapter V.


New Jersey Colonial Documents Vol:. 23, Calendar of Wills by = by William Nelson p.343-4, cites Lib 1, p.438.
2 Ibid., cites Lib 1, p.443.
3 Early Settlers, Mecklenburg County, Va. by Katherine B. Elliott, cites Will Book 2, p.122, Brunswick County, Va.

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