Roll of Honour

Sir William Ogborne 1662 -1734  Master Carpenter and holder of a number of high offices in the City of London in the 18th century.

Peter de Okebourn, Key servant of King Edward III in Ireland

John Ogborne 1847-1937   Champion Ploughman of Somerset, & head of a remarkable family of ploughing champions

Rev John T Ogburn  Founder of the House of Ogburn

Judge Robert W Ogburn  Prominent Colorado Jurist

David Ogborne, 1740-1761 distinguished artist of Essex, England.

William Fielding Ogburn 1886 – 1959  Eminent Sociologist, and major contributor through his research to this website.

Charlton Ogburn 1911 – 1988   Prolific and distinguished author

Dr. Hugh Bell Ogburn 1923 – 2007 and Sihon Cicero Ogburn Jr. 1900 – 1976  Distinguished American Chemical Engineers

David ‘Oggie’ Ogburn  Well known Photographer in the US Music and Entertainment industry.


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Focusing on the history of the name of Ogbourne, Ogborn, Ogburn and other variants, including the early form of Ocheburne & Okebourne