Will  of Anne Ogbourne 1719 alias Taylor

Will  of Anne Ogbourne 1719 alias Taylor

Widdow of Brightwalton, Berkshire, England

Leaves possessions to

  • My son John Ogbourne alias Taylor
  • My daughter Grace? Blackie alias Taylor
  • Daughter Ann Ogbourne alias Taylor
  • my daughter Elizabeth Ogbourne alias Taylor

I  make my daughter Ann Ogbourne and my daughter Elizabeth Ogbourne Executor and my daughter daughter Pat Blackie alias Taylor Executors of my will.

and I do appoint my two friends my brother Samual Taylor and Richard Selwood of Brightwalton to be executors to this my last will and testament to so all things performed attending to the meaning of this will

Signed and in presence of Gabriel Wingrove, Sarah Stamp, Richard Selwood.

Probate approved 1726 at Newbury, Berks


Focusing on the history of the name of Ogbourne, Ogborn, Ogburn and other variants, including the early form of Ocheburne & Okebourne