A Lineage Beginning With Symon Ogborne (Ogbourne)

This lineage was proposed by the late William Fielding Ogburn (WFO) and appears in a book about his antecedants, As I Was Told, written by his wife, Rubyn Reynolds Ogburn [1]. It is based entirely on the early records of Virginia and North Carolina that he knew: It was intended only to indicate a possible lineage. In his notes, WFO specifically states various assumptions. For example, because Symond’s (s/o Symon) name does not appear in any records other than Symon’s will, he (WFO) assumes that Symond did not have any children and other Ogburns were descendants of Symon’s only recorded brother, Nicholas. He also assumes that Symon Ogborne was the only Ogburn to come from outside Virginia.
As presented here, this lineage is accompanied by pertinent comments and references to public records. The Ogburn name is spelt as it appears in the original document or in whatever secondary reference was used.
The name Symon Ogbourne first appears in 1652 in a list of 28 individuals brought to Virginia by a Thomas Steevens [2]. Sept l652 is the date Steevens was awarded land for bringing the 28 persons to Virginia. The actual date of arrival of Symon Ogbourne is unknown, but he is probably the same Ogbourne incidentally mentioned in a deposition dated 19 April 1652 [3].
1st and 2nd Generations
Symon Ogbourne
Children by first wife:
1. Nicholas
2. Mary
Children by Lucie:
3. Elinor (Eleanor)
4. Symond
5. Elizabeth
6. Katherine
The will of Symon Ogborne is dated 24 March 1668 and proved 9 Feb. 1669. It mentions son, Nicholas; daughter, Mary under 14 years of age; and four of his children by his wife, Lucie: Symond, Elinor, Elizabeth, and Katherine Ogborne [4].
2nd and 3rd Generations
1. Nicholas Ogbourne, b.c1653, d.1688, m.Ann Higgins
1.1 Nicholas, b.c1675, m.Ann (Sarah) Smith
.2 John, b.c1680
Because Symon apparently arrived in Virginia unmarried and Nicholas
was the oldest of six children born before March of 1668, his birthdate
is given as c1653.
The will of Roger Higgins, dated 16 April 1672, recorded 10 August 1672 [5] leaves property to Ann, wife of Nicholas Ogburne. The assump¬tion is therefore that Nicholas married Ann, d/o Roger Higgins, before April 1672

A deed of 480 acres in Southwarke Parish patented 20 April 1684 from Edward Pettway to Nicholas Ogburn of Isle of Wight Co. was recorded in Surry Co.,Va. on 3 Jan 1686 [6]. On 3 Sept 1688 another deed was recorded for what seems to be the same land. William Edwards deeded 480 acres in Southwarke Parish patented 23 April 1688 to Ann Ogburn, widow of Nicholas Ogburn of Isle of Wight Co. for John and Nicholas, orphans of Nicholas Ogburn of Isle of Wight Co. [7]. Thus, Nicholas, s/o Symon, appears to have died no later than 1688, and left a widgwn, Ann, with two young boys.
In a deed dated March 1694/5, Jane Hancock mentions her daughter, Elizabeth Ogburn, wife of John Ogburn [8]. Thus John was assumed to have been married by 1695 but it is doubtful that he was born as late as 1680 as assumed by WFO. An inventory of John Ogbourne’s estate was filed by Elizabeth Ogbourne on 17 Feb 1719 [9]. The will of John Hancock dated 24 Nov 1731 and probated 17 May 1732 mentions wife, Jane, and daughter, Elizabeth that was wife of John Ogburn [10]. The will of Jane Hancock dated 1734 mentions daughter, Elizabeth Ogburn [11].
3rd and 4th Generations
1.1 Nicholas Ogbourne, b.c1675, d.1713, m.Ann Smith d/o William and Mary Smith.
1.1.1 Nicholas
.2 Simon
.3 Elizabeth
.4 Mary
.5 John
That Nicholas (1.1) is recorded as being a witness in Feb 1694 [12] suggests that he probably was born no later than 1675.
His date of death is established by an appraisal of the estate of Nicholas Ogbourn, recorded 22 Feb 1715 in accordance with an order dated 22 Feb 1713 [12].
That Nicholas (1.1) married Ann Smith is based on two statements in a compilation by Blanche Adams Chapman [14]: 1) Nicholas Ogburn married to Ann Smith, d/o Mrs. Mary Smith and 2) Thos Richards married Ann, relict of Nicholas Ogburne. As authority, Chapman cites the wills of Mary Smith and Thomas Richards for the first. For the second she cites the will of Thomas Richards and the appraisal of Nicholas Ogbourn’s estate in the home of Thomas Richards [13]. Neither citation appears conclusive. The will of Mary Smith, dated 12 Aug 1719 and recorded 25 July 1720, mentions grand¬children: Nicholas Ogburne, Simon, Elizabeth, and Mary Ogburne [15]. The will of Thomas Richards, dated 9 March 1740 and probated 28 July 1740, mentions brothers: Simon Ogburn and John Ogburn, and sisters: Mary Ogburn, Elizabeth Ogburn, Prudence Richards, and Ann Richards [16].
The children of Nicholas (1.1) are taken to be those mentioned in
the wills of Mary Smith and Thomas Richards. The grandchildren of Mary
Smith could not have been the children of John (1.2) because John’s wife
was a Hancock and the 1731 Hancock will mentioned above refers to Elizabeth
that was the wife of John Ogburn. Hence they are assumed to be the
children of Nicholas (1.1). Now because of the similarity of names, the
Ogburns mentioned in the will of Thomas Richards are also assumed to be
the children of Nicholas (1.1). Richards would have referred to them as
brothers and sisters if his father had married the relict of Nicholas (1.1).
If the grandchildren of Mary Smith are the children of Nicholas (1.1), then she is his mother-in-law. His father-in-law is thought to be William Smith because William’s will, dated 1704 and recorded 1705, mentions wife, Mary Smith [17].

4th and 5th Generations

1.1.5 John Ogbourne, b.c1710, d.1789, m.1) , m.2)widow Phoebe Mason
Children by first wife: John
.2 Nicholas
.3 Sarah, m.Aaron Vinson
Because his father died in 1713, John (1.1.5) would have been born before 1713, and 1710 is a reasonable estimate, but the date might be anytime between 1690 and 1713.
There were two John Ogbournes in Virginia that could have been John (1.1.5): John of Albemarle Parish, Surry Co. and Sussex Co. and John of St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick Co..
1) John of Albemarle Parish and Phebe, his wife, sold land in Brunswick Co. in 1751. The deed was dated 15 June 1751 [18]. This land had been purchased by John in 1740 and 1745 [19,20]. Phoebe Mason, widow of Joseph Mason, was granted letter of administration of the estate of her husband 20 March 1749 [21] and John Ogburn posted bonds as guardian to the Mason children, Seth, Ann, John, and Williad, 24 Sept 1749 [22]. Hence John and Phoebe were married between 20 March 1749 and 15 June 1751. As will be shown later, John is thought to have had three children by a previous marriage. The will of John of Albemarle Parish, dated 29 Sept 1789, was proved in Sussex Co. on 4 Feb 1790 [23]. That will mentions children: Sarah Vinson, Nicholas Ogburn, Charles Ogburn s/o Nicholas and Anne, his wife, and Augustine; and grandchild, Sar’ah Pleasant.
2) John Ogburn of St. Andrew’s Parish, Brunswick Co. and Tabitha Ogburn were witnesses to the will of Richard Wood in 1746 [24]. Thus John andvrabitha were married before then. The will of this John, dated 17 Jan 1774 and probated 23 May 1774, mentions wife, Tabitha, and sons: William, John, Charles, Mathew, James, Henry, and Benjamin [25]. This John is progenitor for the line set forth in Chapter V.
WFO reasoned that the parents of these two Johns were Nicholas (1.1) and his brother, John (1.2). For reasons not stated, WFO felt that the more likely pairing of fathers and sons was John (1.2) with John of St. Andrew’s Parish, and Nicholas (1.1) with John of Albemarle Parish. Thus John of Albemarle Parish was assumed to be John (1.1.5).
This assumption, however, can be questioned on at least two grounds. First, either or both of the two Johns could have been grand¬children of Nicholas (1.1), that is, sons of Nicholas (1.1.1) or Simon (1.1.2) or John (1.1.5). Second, the residences of the two Johns sug¬gests the reverse assignment of parents. John (1.2) and Elizabeth lived in Surry Co., that is, his estate was inventoried in Surry Co. [9]. John (1.1.5) and Phoebe were apparently living in Surry Co. when they were married [26] and his will was proved in Sussex Co. (23), which was formed from Surry Co. in 1753/4. Nicholas’ (1.1) estate was appraised in Isle of Wight Co. [13]. Brunswick Co. was formed in part from Isle of Wight Co. in 1720, and John and Tabitha lived in Brunswick Co.
With respect to John’s (1.1.5) children, his will, referred to earlier, mentions children: Sarah Vinson, Nicholas Ogburn, and
Augustine. Sarah married Aaron Vinson 17 Nov 1767 [27] and hence is thought to have been born before 1750 when John and Phoebe were married. At the time of the will, Nicholas had a son, Charles, and therefore was probably also born before 1750. Augustine was born to John and Phoebe on 28 Dec 1751 [28]. Though not mentioned in As I Was Told, Clorine and Seth Mason were also born to John and Phoebe on 19 Apr 1761 and 5 Apr 1758 respectively [29,30]. The other child, John (1.1.5,1), is referred

to by the father in a note to the county clerk [1,31], and as will be
shown late:, had a daughter born in1764. Thus he too would have been born befcre 1750, that is by a wife other than Phoebe.
5th and 6th Generations John Ogbourne, b.c1740, m.1) , m.2)Selah Tomlinson
Children: Sarah
.2 James
.3 Littleberry
For the 5th and 6th generations, WFO’s notes and As I Was Told do not indicate how the names and dates were deduced and put together. What follows is information relative to John Ogbourne ( WFO noted three entires in the records Of Albemarle Parish. 1) Mary Ogburn was born to John Ogburn and Mary, his wife, on 12 Feb 1764 [32]. 2) John Ogburn was born to John Ogburn and Selah, his wife, on 16 Nov 1766 [33], and Sarah Ogburn was born to John Ogburn and Selah, his wife, on 27 May 1768 [34]. There being no other John Ogburn recorded as being in the area at that time, WFO assumed that it was John ( who married Mary, and that Mary died shortly after the birth of their daughter, Mary. Then John remarried and Selah bore him two children. The first of these recorded children of John ( was born in 1764, hence, it seems likely that John ( was born sometime around 1740.
Sarah (Ogburn) Vinson and her husband, Aaron, are known to have lived in Johnston Co.,N.C. [35]. WFO assumed that her brother, John (, also went to Johnston Co. for the name, John Ogburn, appears often in the Johnston Co. records beginning in 1772 [36]. Subsequently the names of another John Ogburn and a James Ogburn appear in the Johnston Co. records. This John would be the son of John ( and Selah. James was assumed to be his brother because by family tradi¬tion, John and James were brothers. They are the brothers that are the progenitors of the lineages set forth in Chapter VIII.
As to why Selah was thought to be a Tomlinson and as to why James is thought to have had a brother, Littleberry, is not at all clear. Perhaps it is in part because the will of Thomas Tomlinson [37] of Johnston Co., dated 28 Nov 1780, mentions Littleberry Ogburn, Mary Ogburn, Thomas Ogburn, and Clarissah Ogburn. Nothing is said in the will about who these Ogburns were. We do know that this Littleberry is the progenitor of the line given in Chapter VII.


Most of these references are given more fully in Chapter XI.
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