Genealogical Info. Links

Genealogical Information Links

Links to this website are welcomed, and we’ll be pleased to add links here to webpages with Ogb*rn* family history information. holds a large amount of family history information on Ogborns, Ogbournes and Ogbornes in the UK which could be helpful for researchers.   The same may be true of for the USA and other countries.

The Ogbourne St Andrew History Group

The Guild of One Name Studies

The Guild of One Name Studies

Ogburn Family Genealogy Forum
British Genealogy & Family History Forums

Tracing London Convicts in Britain & Australia, 1780-1925

The History Group of Ogbourne St Andrew, Ogbourne Maizey & Rockley
The National Archives inc Public Record Office
Moonrakers Wiltshire Genealogy Wiltshire Genealogy and Wiltshire History
London Lives – A free fully searchable edition of 240,000 manuscripts (significant Ogbourne mentions, inc Sir William Ogbourne)
The African American Family Facebook page
Gen UK and Ireland, Wiltshire
Wiltshire Family History Society

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  1. Carol Peters.
    Where ” On Earth are you ” ????
    i don`t know where, or date.
    you want
    but i have a Gladys Ogborne.

    1. Hi there! I’ve changed email addresses. I am looking for a Gladys A. Ogborne. She was my grandmother on my fathers side. I really know nothing about her or family connections. I appreciate your help. I await your response.

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