More cases appearing in the English courts of law from 1259 – 1579

These references were found by an experienced paleontologist* on our behalf. They refer in very early records involving people whose names were Okeborne (or similar) between the 13th and 16th Centuries. It will be noted that after the 15th century the name was spelt with a ‘G’ instead of ‘K’. Resorting to the law seems to have been a common event in those days.
* View sample of the type of document that this page summarises and written in the style of the time and many in Latin.

Year Summary of the case
1259 Peter de Okeburn’ gives half a mark for taking an assize of novel disseisin before the same John. Order to the sheriff of Sussex.
1269 Walter son of Roger de Okeburn’ gives half a mark for an assize to be taken. Order to the sheriff of Wiltshire.
1349 Thomas Sloghtre and Richard de Okeburn executors of the testament of Michael Clench sue Thomas Waller of Lamberhurst to show his accounts for when he was Michael’s receiver.
1377 William Okebourne, Somerset, clerk . William sues William abbot of Athelney for 40s rent arrears
1399 Robert Okebourne  William de Ferrarijs sues John de Bolton parson of Swepstone, John Merehous parson of Lutterworth, Robert Rykedon and Robert Okebourne, in a plea of the manor of Woodham Ferrers that he makes against them
1399 Johanna Okeburn, London  Johanna sues Juliana Dalby for the return of chattels worth 100s
1401 William Okeborne, Gloucestershire  John prior of Bath sues John Cronk, William Okeborne, John Oxunford and Richard Gylmyn for having broken into his premises in Olveston
1401 William Okeburn, Gloucestershire  William sues Richard Soon of Aylveston for 60s debt
1415 Alexander Okeborn of Wantynge, Berkshire, husbandman  John Curre of Lyford sues Alexander and Thomas Loy of Tetteworth corsour for 40s debt each
1415 William Okeburn of Holston, Gloucestershire  John Rolves sues William for (unspecified) trespass
1415 Robert Okbourne clerk, Hertfordshire  John Peryan esquire, Roger Westwode clerk, Solomon Fresthorp, John Fouler clerk, Robert Okbourne clerk and Peter Thorp clerk sue John Hore of Cambridge esquire and Johanna his wife: concerning breach of covenant re premises and rents in Wellewes, Herts
1416 William Okeborne of London cooper  William, as administrator of Geoffrey Broke of London grocer deceased, sues John Bryt of Swindon woolman for £23 debt
1416 William Okeburne of Helston, Cornwall  (damaged) John Colnes sues William for (unspecified) trespass
1418 John Okebourne of Lynn Episcopi, Norfolk, chapman  William Butt of London mercer sues John for £7 10s
1418 William Okeborne of Olston, Gloucestershire, husbandman  John Rolves esquire sues William for £10 debt
1420 Walter Okeburn of Porton, Wiltshire, husbandman  John Hayne sues Walter for 40s debt
1430 Robert Okeburne, Wiltshire  Robert sues Richard Gore of New Sarum merchant for £27 4s debt
1434 John Okeborne, Dorset, clerk  John sues John Jacob parson of Stafford, Dorset, for 20 marks
1440 John Okeburn of Baweld, Wiltshire, yeoman   Humphrey duke of Gloucester sues several persons, including John, for having broken into his premises in Chippenham and Melksham
1442 Walter Okeborn, Wiltshire  Walter sues Reginald Nedwode of New Sarum baker for 40s debt
1442 William Okeburn, Berkshire  William sues John Bate of Abingdon joiner and Robert Horsnayll of Abingdon weaver for having assaulted him in Abingdon
1442 John Okeborn jr of New Sarum, clerk  William Swayn and William Lyghtfote executors of the testament of John Whyte late of New Sarum, sue several persons for debt, including John Okeborn for 40s
1444 William Okeborne of London, clerk   William sues John Lord of New Sarum clerk for 100s debt
1450 William Okeborn, Berkshire  William sues John Pulkar of Sutton Courtenay jr husbandman for £6 debt, and William Manytorn of Wytnam Earls, Berkshire, husbandman for £8
1450 William Okburn of Abingdon, Berkshire  Thomas Plesaunce and William sue Richard Whyte of Sutton Courtenay husbandman and Henry Fyssher of Sutton Courtenay husbandman for £20 debt each
1455 Nicholas Okebourne of Salisbury husbandman  Master Gilbert Kymer dean of Salisbury cathedral and the chapter of the same sue Maurice Broghton of New Sarum husbandman and Nicholas for debt of £10 each
1455 Walter and Thomas Okeborne of Compton Chamberleyn, Wiltshire, husbandmen   William Wilkyns sues Walter and Thomas and others for taking cattle from his premises at Great Hardecote
1458 William Okebourne of Abingdon, Berkshire, weaver    John Hynde of Marlborough baker sues Walter for having assaulted him in Marlborough: Walter countersues John for having assaulted and robbed him in Abingdon
1460 William Okebourne of Westbury, Gloucestershire, dean of the collegiate church   William Parchemener and William Sutton clerk executors of William Okebourne sue Richard Wheler of Aust in Gloucestershire, outlaw
1463 Robert Okeborne of Lacok, Wiltshire, yeoman   Philip Morgan sues several persons, including Robert, for having broken into his premises at Chitterne and Chapmannyslade
undated [1465-1471 or 1480-1493] John Okeburn prior of St John’s, Wilton   Richard Warla of Wilton petitions the Lord Chancellor to issue a subpoena against John to bring him for trial concerning an action of debt
1472 Robert Okeborne of Salisbury merchant  Edmund Lamberd sues several people, including Robert, for sums of money (in Robert’s case 8 marks)
1472 Robert Okeborne of Salisbury mercer  John Stratford sues Robert for 6 marks 10s debt
1477 William Okeborne of Marlborough, Wiltshire  William sues John Prowete of Marlborough tanner for 100s debt
1489 Thomas Okeburne of Abingdon, Berkshire, yeoman  John abbot of Abingdon sues various people for debt, including Thomas (40s)
1492 John Okborn, Gloucestershire   John Okborn and John Hylp senior sue John Burnell late of Brymeseham in the parish of Yate, Glos., in a qui tam action for having entered into their property illegally
1498 William Okeborn of Enfield, Middlesex, husbandman   John Sayer brings a qui tam action against William for having illegally entered into his property in Southbenfleet and Hadley
1500 Roger Okeburn of New Shoreham, Sussex, weaver  William Cunstabyll sues Roger for £10 debt
1505 John Okeburn of Carlton, Cambridgeshire, clerk  Nicholas Goldwell sues various people for debt, including John as executor of the testament of William Denyas (or Devyas) clerk late parson of Wissington, Suffolk (£10)
1512 Christopher Ogburne, Yorkshire  Christopher sues William Clayton of Camsall husbandman, Thomas Byngley of Skelbroke husbandman and Thomas Ingland of Skelbroke husbandman for 10 marks debt
1558 John Ogborne of Winterslow, Wiltshire, yeoman    John Foster of Baddesley, Hampshire, esquire sues John for £250 debt
1579 Edward Ogborne of Broughton, Hamshire, yeoman     The final judgment in a long case brought by Edward against John Jeffreys of Chilworth, Hampshire, gentleman, relating to the title to the manor of Broughton, Hampshire


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